Value of these Completed Sets?

A friend of mine has a large Pokemon collection and I was wondering if a few people on here could chime in with their thoughts on its overall value.

He has:
-Complete 1st ed. base set.
-Complete shadowless base set (minus blastoise and zapdos)
-Complete Jungle first ed.
-Complete Jungle unlimited set.
-Complete Fossil unlimited set.

Granted, I don’t know what the cards conditions are like (I plan on driving to him soon to give him a further valuation and looking at the cards myself). I’ve looked on Ebay and most of the sets sold are PSA 9 or mixes of PSA 9 sets. I plan on researching most of the holos individually through Ebay to give myself a better valuation, but I would like to know what some of you guys think!

Just for the sake of estimating, lets say most of these cards are in 7+ condition, probably 8 or 9s. The collection has been kept in a binder for many years so I am guessing they are in pretty good condition. Thanks!

“Being kept in a binder” means little and is usually a red flag. You can tear cards up then put them in a binder for 20 years and lo and behold…they’re still torn up lol.

With that info, I’d pay 3000 for the lot;)