Future value of complete Base Set, Jungle and Fossil?

Recently I came into possession of complete sets of Base Set, Jungle and Fossil all in NM condition. I’m gonna be up front about how much I paid for it because I want to go into detail about condition and how excited I am to have this collection of cards - I paid $150 total for all three sets. I sent an offer of $150 as soon as I saw this collection go up on eBay almost a month ago and bought it knowing it would have good value even if the condition was less than perfect upon arrival, I wasn’t worried either way.

Upon receiving the collection I went through each holographic individually to check all scratches and wear on the back sides. Base Set was a bit less than perfect imo, a few cards ranged heavily from LP-NM with Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur being the only ones (aside from 5 other uncommon cards) needing to be replaced. No biggie though because I’d just sell off these copies to fund the near mint copies that I’d buy in the future. With Base Set being a little less than perfect I went onto Jungle with the same expectations… boy was I wrong. Every single holo looked pack fresh, not kidding. No overly noticeable holofoil scratching and absolutely zero wear, extremely clean cards all around. I moved onto Fossil and the same thing with the exception of Haunter and Kabutops needing to be replaced, again no big deal. So… needless to say I considered this purchase an absolute score.

My question is this: how much would these three complete sets in near mint condition be going for now and what would you all expect for future value? I’m seeing around $400 being possible once I replace the Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur. Given the fact that these are the first three sets ever I have high hopes for future investment. I’m wanting to hold onto this collection for a few years if possible.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated! Thanks and sorry for this novel length post, just very excited about it!

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There’s one little problem with your investment.

They’re all unlimited.

Don’t expect much, this stuff is everywhere. Even in the next 5-10 years unlimited base, jungle and fossil are going to stay about the same price because of the sheer abundance of product out there. You’re better off just flipping the collection now. I’m pretty sure every raw holo rare in the first 3 sets is under $10 except Zard, Venusaur and Blastoise and the Fossil Dragonite.

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Wrong, right, right.
Base will steadily increase. The fossil and jungle unlimited aren’t great investments.

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It wouldn’t even be all of base tbh. Just Zard, Venusaur and Blastoise.