What the logo?

Can someone please explain the logo above? I can’t make any sense of it besides the left side of the circle looks like an e?

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Looks like Master Ball to me.

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left side looks like an E, right side looks like a 4, efour to go with the name


i didnt see a four, figured it was just a masterball lol

Yeah it’s like a masterball with E on left side and a 4 on the right side. It is subtle. I like it. When we switched over I just looked at it for 5 min or so straight and finally got it. Not sure if there is anything else of significance to find, but maybe.


Master-ball with E and 4. But why there’s light purple colour in “4”?

I really don’t see a 4? I do graphic design btw so if any graphics needed for new forum just say. :blush:

The 4 is opposite of the E. Open top style 4, not like the one in this text that I am writing. Curved the opposite way of the E.

Yes, there is a subtle “E & 4” in the outline. The E is the black outline on the left, the 4 is black outline on the right.


I thought it was a stylized ELITE.

I keep trying to make it out…ughh!

No offense to the creator of that logo but I gotta say it:

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Thanks Gary for the input.


IMO, “Very niiice”.


I like it a lot.


Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticize.


Gary it is my job to troll, not yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sidenote: It is a really simple logo, does not take much to realize that there is an E and a 4. Especially when it is what the site is now called. Unless you thought it was still called upccc, I do not see the confusion. Like Scott mentioned it’s subtle. If you can not see it, open your eyes *shrugs*

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No no no. Don’t misunderstand me. I stated an honest opinion. If I’m wrong, and the logo doesn’t need improving, then so be it. No problem at all. I really don’t know why anybody would make comments to stifle opinion. One of these days I might come up with an opinion that helps;)

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I’ve noticed several pages where the words don’t accompany the pokeball logo so there was no reference point.
I was starting to think like you that I was blind so I printed it out and took it with me to the basketball gym with my sons. I showed it to them and their friends.
My question was, “do you know what this is and do you see a message inside the circle?”
All but one knew it was a pokeball which was a good thing lol. Two stated it looked like Japanese writing. None saw the E4.

That was a small sampling, just 10 or 12, but it did verify my suspicions somewhat:)

Did you ask them if they saw E4 in there? I guarantee they would have all said yes. I’m sorry Gary but this isn’t convincing me that you aren’t trolling.

No, honestly I didn’t ask that.