One of these things is not like the other.

Can you spot the error?

No 5ban Graphics :stuck_out_tongue:?


Whatever it is, it isn’t obvious :blush:

It isn’t obvious at all. I will stop being a tease though.

Look at the ‘1’ in the 130 attack damage. It’s an i

I thought it might just be a difference in the typeface between Japanese/English, but all English EXs have used the same ‘1’ for the attacks.

Bulba has the “i” too…

Not their fault, it’s how the card has been printed.

Yes, but aren’t you saying that all other English cards have the 1 instead of the i? Stating yours is an error, or are you only mentioning the difference you noticed between japanese and english cards?

*might be a language barrier here

All English EXs from B/W and X/Y have the 1 instead of the ‘i’, which is why the Krookodiles printing is an error. I should note this isn’t a Krookodile EX I own(because I do not own one), we will have to wait until the boxes are actually released for confirmation.

I posted the Japanese version so people could compare them next to each other. But you can go back and look at any BW/XY EX card and see the the 1 is indeed not a 1 on the Krookodiles.

The boxes have been released for at least a couple weeks at Target. I can check them out if you like.

That’d be fantastic. Danke.

I don’t entirely think it is an I, I think they just messed up the font that they normally use. Ones, when they appear in the text of an effect, look exactly the same as the damage for Megaton Fang. Still an error. I’m just more inclined to say it is a font error than a typo.

I think you are correct — it is a font error rather than a typo.

The font used for the attack title and text is Gill Sans, while the font used for the number is something else (I can’t immediately identify it).

What appears to be an “I” is indeed the numeral 1, just mistakenly in Gill Sans rather than the font that is used for the 3 and 0.

I am inclined to agree with this now, spoke to a few other friends and they thought it was more a font error as well.
Still interesting.

Cards are the same.
Font error indeed.

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