What sport(s) do you play, or have played in the past?

You know, we talk about sport cards every so often, but how about playing sports yourself. What sport(s), if any, do you guys/girls play or have played in the past?

I’ve personally played 1 year of soccer at age 7, after getting my three swimming certificates between ages 4-7 (which is what almost any child starts with here in The Netherlands). Although our soccer team did win the competition back then, I even still have the medal to prove it, one year of soccer was enough for me. After that I played judo from age 8 to 14. At age 14 I had the brown belt. Because you have to be at least 16 years old to try and get a black belt, and there were also new people entering every few weeks and we did a lot of easy stuff at the first 30 minutes of the lessons, before our teacher split us up into our appropriate levels to teach other stuff, I decided to stop. (I never won anything for judo btw, but I’ve only competed in two or three tournaments in those years, and was usually out after the first or second round, lol).
At the time, my little brother and father were already playing badminton, so I decided to join as well. I’m currently 29 years old and have been enjoying and playing badminton for the past fifteen years (well, minus the last six months because indoor sporting is closed right now in my country). I play twice a week, and also play in a men-only competition team (not because I don’t want to play a mixed competition - which I did in the past - but because we simply don’t have enough females left on the club who can/want to compete in the competitions).

So, what sports do you play or have played in the past? :blush:



Nice topic! I played everything growing up. Was good at Baseball but bored out of my mind. Played Basketball in high school. Soccer in college and after. Now mainly just hockey and running. If I could play hockey every day I would!


As a kid I played a lot of sports, but until the age of about 14 cricket was the one I put the most time into. My dad was a very good player Back In The Day™️, and some of my earliest memories involve cricket in at least some way.

My cricket career finally died when I started playing golf regularly (both take up a lot of time), though it had been on life support for a while. This was when I was 14; I started because my dad would drag me to the course for some company when he practised. I did not enjoy golf for a while, but at some point I realised that I wanted to improve. I think that’s what they call ‘the golf bug’. Something about it just hit the competitive instinct so hard. I have gone through periods where I’ve barely played at all, but pre-lockdown I felt like I was getting some consistency. I have not touched a club for many months now, however.

The other, which is probably the one that came the most easily to me, was squash. I was introduced to it at 9, also through my dad. I haven’t played in years unfortunately, but I do want to start again after… this [gestures at the world]. Weirdly, it’s something that I’ve gone back to in hard times in my life, so I guess you could say it’s like Pokemon :blush:

I realise this is possibly the wankiest combination of any 3 sports possible. Don’t worry, I judge myself too.

P.S. Also football pretty much throughout school. That’s fútbol, not footbahl.


Cool thread. I’ve played football (soccer for you yanks) my whole life. Played a half tidy level in my younger years but ruptured my Achilles playing in September 2019. My first big injury - I’ve not played properly since :slightly_frowning_face:

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I started playing golf when I was in 7th grade. I played it every year all the way through high school. Golf is still one of my favorite pass times! There’s just something about being outside, and swinging a club that relaxes my mind. Last week the weather was finally nice enough for me to hit some balls in the back field. And at the beginning of this week we had a blizard up here in Minnesota, so by this weekend all the snow should be fully melted to allow me to get back out there hitting golf balls!


Great topic @quuador ! For me it is Jiu-Jitsu and Golf, but over the last year almost exlusively golf. Started playing with my grandfather when I was 10, playing ever since. For me personally the best method to enjoy nature while being a bit competitive.


I don’t



I’ve always loved sports, but age has slowed me down.

I used to play (American) football, but my size was only conducive to me being injured. Played a lot of basketball where speed made up for lack of height, but at my age I can’t find many peers still wiling to play.

I play softball as much as possible, and there are still many my age who will at least try. I would play baseball but again, peers are afraid of being too slow to get out of the way of an errant fastball. I am enthusiastic about golf but I’m really erratic. Next up may be pickle ball, which seems the new “in” sport for the over 55 crowd.


Mainly played American football all the way through high school, offensive linemen. Also played basketball, but mainly just did it to make me better at football lol. Love football because it’s the ultimate team sport in a lot of ways.

Now I mainly play golf. Incredibly hard sport, but it’s fun to hang out with friends and get away for an afternoon!

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I played a bit of volleyball in elementary school. Always wanted to get into it more, but neither my highschool nor my college offered it.

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I was a sponsored aggressive inline skater throughout high school and college; now I’m a school teacher during the school year and run a moderately successful skating group in the summer. We occasionally travel to competitions, do shows/demos, make videos, and try to mentor younger skaters to avoid destructive decisions (drugs, alcohol, etc.). I also coach wrestling.


Damn. Sick pic.


Football, soccer, tennis. Only one I still play is tennis. It’s a game you can play pretty much until you die lol


I played baseball for like ~8 years when I was younger, Little League and then Babe Ruth, but I was pretty trash because I was a small kid and could barely hit the ball out of the infield. I had one coach who realized I was fast enough to bunt for hits and started having me bat leadoff, which was probably the “best” season I ever had. I enjoyed playing, though. I played tennis in high school and was decent at that, but my parents wouldn’t pay for frequent private lessons (necessary to get good at tennis) so I was always a tier 2 player. I’d really like to take tennis lessons again while I’m still young, though, because I think it’s a ton of fun. I also played a ton of casual table tennis in college and got very good at that. Ping pong is actually probably my favorite sport I’ve ever played.

Now at 26, I get my physical activity pretty much exclusively from weightlifting, which I’ve been doing for the past nine years. I love lifting because it requires very little innate talent relative to conventional sports. Genetic potential only really starts to matter in high-level bodybuilding or powerlifting… as an amateur, anybody can get jacked and strong if you’re consistent and hardworking, which I appreciate. I’ve also learned a lot about physiology and nutrition along the way, which will serve me well.

You’re the second fellow Minnesotan I’ve seen on here today. Nice weather, huh?



Fun fact: when I was a kid, I wanted to play in the NBA. Then I grew to be 5’11" and wasn’t exactly Isaiah Thomas or Nate Robinson, so that dream quickly died.


Wish the question was “What sports DID you play”. Heck, meet and greets wipe me out these days:*


wii bowling


Did pretty much everything when I was young at one point or another. Only one I ended up taking seriously was baseball. Played college ball for 3 years before giving it up dealing with nagging back injuries.

These days I spend a lot of time during the warm months (yay Minnesota) playing golf. My wife’s family is also very into golf so we play a ton. I’m not very good, pretty much slightly worse than bogey average but I have a great time just getting outside, hitting the ball around and drinking.

During the winter I’ll go skiing once in a blue moon but I turn into kind of a hermit when it gets cold and just watch hockey


I was a swimmer on a very competitive team (we’d won like, the past 40 state championships in a row or something insane like that) but I quit after middle school. The team’s culture was toxic and I just didn’t enjoy it.

In HS I played intramural volleyball, floor hockey, dodgeball, and basketball. I also played lacrosse year round throughout high school and played in college, and coached elementary/middle school which I really want to get back into.

Now I rock climb, mostly outdoor sport climbing; I worked part-time at a rock wall teaching/belaying people until last year. I downhill/back country/cross country ski in the winter, but that seasons almost over. I also hike, I spent a summer working on trail maintenance/stewardship on a long-distance hiking trail and still hike avidly.

My next challenge is ice climbing, which I need to save up for gear for next winter


Prior to the US shut down in March, I was rowing for my college and it was so much fun! I hadn’t ever done rowing before but glad that I could hop on, train and workout. unfortunately we were about to start going on the water again after the winter snow subdued, but school shut down.

Looking forward to continuing it in the fall again tho! :blush: