What set are these holo energies from?


I have these 8 holo energies and I’m not sure what set they were released with. Does anyone know? They look like they are from the ADV/PCG era. Thanks in advance:



Those remind me of the ex Emerald (English) energies.

Thanks. Yeah I noticed that on Bulbapedia, however there is no Japanese set that is equivalent to the EX Emerald. So if any one knows which set the Japanese ones came from that would be great.

I found this:


So some time around ADV EX1: Magma vs Aqua: Two Ambitions. That’s a starting place. at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is correct. :blush: My ADV EX1 Holo Energy are identical.

I have those holo Japanese energies. I know where they came from. Because I bought it new.

It was a big tin (lunch box size) with shiny pikachu, shiny mewtwo, and a chunk of other cards. It came with those “Emerald set” holo energies.

The star/*/gold star type shinies.

This was about the time of the Deoxys set release in Japan.

Mine was the top one with Lucario and Mew on the tin. It came with several of each basic energy in that holo style. I never got the earlier tin, so I would not know.