Energy and Trainer full holo and reverse holo's.

So I have a bunch of them, but don’t know what to do with them. Are they valuable in any way?

I’m interested in finding out where the Eseries full holo energies came from. They don’t seem to have a logo and for the life of me I can’t figure out where I got them from.

Those holo e-series energy have Japanse back? Then they are Mc Donalds 2002 I guess.

Oh yeah, didn’t even cross my mind to check that. Haha stupid. Thanks. If anyone is interested I can send them.

Awesome collection. I didn’t think anyone else was doing the same thing as me. I have a special binder for Holo and Rev Holo energies. I also started only putting Rev Holo pokeballs from various sets to including Rev Holo Trainer Cards.

I’ll post pictures of my next week. I’ve got a ton of pack fresh Holon Phantoms energies and Power keeprs energies that I can sell you once I hit 100 posts. I’ve got 20-30 just sitting in a binder.