Energy Card Collections?

Anybody else here collect energy cards?

More specifically, I like to pickup every holo energy card I can find. There’s so much of them! set releases, league promos, gold holos, etc.

Here’s what mine looks like: (all are holographic)


Whenever I used to play competitively, I would try to use a different variation of each energy in my deck. Was a fun collecting piece and fun to play with. At one point I had like 13 different fire energy variations in my Volcanion EX deck

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I personally don’t, but I know @thefiercestorm collects Energy cards, and @credits and @risingtrout used to do so as well (although I think they’ve both stopped).


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I don’t collect them but the base set energy cards actually bring me the most nostalgic flashbacks because I remember being interested in getting one of each colour after opening my first couple of packs as a kid

Update: just posted my collection photo at the top/first post of this thread!


I stopped collecting energy cards to focus on my main goal. lmk what you’re looking for

Not looking for anything in specific, but I’d love to take a look at what you have!
Unfortunately, I am starting to sell off most of my energy collection as well to focus on my higher priority collecting goals.

I have binders of energy card sets, there are a lot to collect! The best part is that most energies are very affordable :wink:

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I don’t personally collect energies, but the 2002 Japanese McDonald’s energies are great.

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sry didint found a good Picture to showcase. The Holo ones of Call of Legends are awesome!