What languages was Skyridge printed in?

Does anyone know what foreign languages Skyridge was released in?

Obviously English and Japanese. And then I’ve seen German and Italian. But were there any others?

Skyridge is an occidental set that basically is the equivalent of Japanese E4 Split Earth and E5 Mysterious Mountains expansions.

That being said …

E4 Split Earth/E5 Mysterious Mountains expansions were released in:

  • Japanese :jp: in 2 variants: 1st Edition and Unlimited

Skyridge was released in:

  • English :us:
  • German :de:
  • Italian :it:

To sum up, the answer to your question is no, there’re no other languages Skyridge was released in.

Hope you find this useful, (if not it’s ok too … :slight_smile: )
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@dromanyte has it spot on.
Bulbapedia does a good job of sharing release information at the end of the page. They describe the languages and also 1st edition/unlimited or reverse holo. It’s not perfect for every set, but it gets you started.


Thanks so much for this!!

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Thanks for this!