What is the one thing you dislike the most about collecting?

We are all here because we love the hobby of collecting Pokemom cards. But with everything in life, there are downsides and frustrations that come with even the best things.

If you could narrow it down to JUST ONE grievance/frustration/annoyance with this hobby, what would that 1 thing be for you?

Selling your collection to break even when you need the money


probably the biggest one is the popularity. I don’t know of anyone in real life who collects as seriously as i do, it seems a majority of us need to find communities like these to fill the void


It’s funny, that aspect is actually one of my favourites. It’s big enough where there is always activity in the community, always new stuff to see, and always big cards exchanging hands. But it’s not TOO big, where every other person is getting into it because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do, people using it as a throw away hobby to occupy themselves for a few months.


Im not too concerned about what other peoples motives are for joining the hobby

I went to the local card store recently and was disappointed at the extremely small range of pokemon cards for sale there, id love to be able to buy cards in person instead of online all the time


I agree. The card shop selection is slim here and it’s mostly sports. I feel a little silly sometimes going in to target and browsing the Pokemon card isle. Might just be me though lol

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yeah, was in K-mart recently in the pokemon isle, could swear a women and her child were giving me dirty looks haha

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The one thing I dislike is not actually knowing what I want to collect and being unable to narrow my collection down into something that will actually satisfy me in the long-run.

I always get my mind set on something, so excited to collect a certain thing whether it be trying to collect all the WOTC sets, No-rarity base set, then the base set in every language, PSA graded 10 Japanese holos, sealed boxes. I change my mind constantly. Though I do just love having had held certain cards in my hands.

Seems like two collections I have not let go of and probably never will are my Topps Chrome and Individual pokemon collection binder full of the Venusaur family and all grass types. It is so random and has no “order” which I think is what satisfies me in a set-building hobby ironically haha


People who are neither collectors or businesses. They usually cause the most problems in the hobby as they have no proper existence.


Someone who I considered to be a decent person/collector until you deal with them and they turnout to be a dirty scum. Il post more about this person when I actually have time due to exam period at University.

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Bad pictures on Y!J auctions. People who do business with me like this:

  • I put an item up for sale on eBay or some other website, often below Fair Market Value.
  • They contact me asking for a better price. Typical - everyone wants the best deal, especially us collectors.
  • I sell them the product and within ~10 days they are selling it for double.

Now I don’t mind people who buy from me and intend to resell the product. Often times I sell cards dirt cheap to move them, and move onto other things. It is a Trading Card Game after all. I become frustrated with people who low-ball me to maximize their own profit margins, all the while they are keeping me in the dark. With all the new sellers on eBay, this has become more common and I feel it devalues the hobby.


The worst part about this, is those same people who act like that would get the most upset if someone turned around and did it to them.

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Yeah, what a disgrace when owner doesn’t agree selling $200 item for $40 so buyer can make instant profit. So bad etiquette. :slightly_frowning_face:

He was pointing out the inherent hypocrisy in people who low-ball.

In other words, people who low-ball would be grossly offended if someone did the same to them.

Sorry if I misunderstood anything.

Every thing I sell, I assume will be resold at some point so this doesn’t bother me. If I sell you something, then you resell and make money, I’m happy:)
People here on the U have at one time or another bought from all of us then turned around and sold everything. I say, why not?
I’ve sold tons to the biggest Pokemon sellers on ebay (past and present) and they’re making a living off it. And I’m not really a wholesaler at all.
Don’t agree to a price if you’re not happy with it or not happy if they turn around and resell.


What bugs me the most is two fold:
When someone privately makes a deal then wants it put on ebay. Of course this is because it adds fees AND shows lower prices on closed listings which can lower the future prices for like items.

Secondly…when buyers sweat shipping times. Don’t contact your trading partner if there’s delays in receiving your item. THEY DONT CONTROL THE SHIPPING SERVICES lol.

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The pictures are YJ can be horrible at times. Something else I noticed is that Yahoo allows people to sell add’s, or coupon’s, but they use the photo of a very rare card. For example, there are multiple auctions that have that new Blaziken promo card as the photo, but they are coupons.


My biggest annoyance in the hobby is people who try to turn big profits and then get pissed when it doesn’t work out.

Big profits can be relative. It can be someone that dumped in 100 bucks and thought they were going to make a killing. It can be someone who dropped 20 grand without a proper plan. Doesn’t matter to me which. But they always have a habit of making their poor investment techniques everyone else’s problem. And that just ruins the atmosphere for everyone else, regardless of their type of involvement with the hobby.

That single archetype is my biggest grievance with the hobby.


When people think they know everything, and won’t ever take advice or helpful criticism. Bugs me.

I havnt been collecting for very long, but I still find this very aggravating.

When your side collection gets jealous of your main collection and you don’t want to give up either but the side collection needs to learn its place.