What is one thing you enjoy the most about collecting?

So much tape hate! Lol

What is the one thing that you enjoy about collecting? :blush:
I’m sure most people have a lot of different reasons! But like the other post, what is the MAIN thing?

Mine would have to be the rush of excitement I feel when I open a pack and catch the glimpse of shine in the middle of the pack! I automatically skip to that card and see what I got :blush: lol. If it wasn’t for that great feeling of getting something new and rare, it wouldn’t be any fun for me!

Share yours! :blush:


haha with the popularity of the “what do you dislike most thread”, this ones sure to be a hit :wink:

theres a few things i really like, the nostalgic feeling of owning cards i never got to when i was young is one. Another would be the feeling when you go check the mail and there are a few packages that you’ve been anxiously waiting for. Last that comes to my head is, the cards which were not meant to fall into the publics hands, such as the trainer decks and early errors like the no damage ninetales. it makes collecting a lot of fun when new variants of cards come to light


I also really enjoy mail time when I’m expecting something! Lol it’s like Christmas even though I know what I’m getting ;D


I like the satisfaction of completing a set or finally acquiring a card I’ve been looking for a long time.


my favorite thing is finding out about a new card that I never knew existed and then trying to find it somewhere to purchase hopefully to add it to my collection. I need to seriously work on my detective skills still.


I love the way considerate sellers/traders properly wrap my…just kidding lol.

The thing I love most about collecting is the friendships ands bonds you make. Whether it’s new friends you meet through the hobby or the closer bonds you develop with loved ones like old friends, dads or sons.

Believe it or not, the majority of people don’t have anything like we have to be truly passionate about. They might like bowling, going to the bar, or their new car every 4 years but it’s not what you could call a passion.

We are fortunate to have this hobby. For younger people it teaches a lot about life and business. For all of us it’s a bridge to our past…maybe a happier time.


doesnt happen often but finding an awesome deal.

  1. I like the fact I can interact with lots of new people and we can help out each other with different collection goals.

  2. Nostalgia. Pokemon tcg was great thing in my childhood but I never really had best chances to purchase every new item. Now when I’m older I can obtain amazing stuff I could only dream of as younger.

  3. Old school booster boxes. There’s just something mysterious in 15+ years old product , it would be nice to know what’s inside but then you remember you can get favourite cards as singles + you can still own great looking item in original condition that has survived Pokemon mania through all the years.


Her reaction when she see’s my Pokemon card collection for the first time…


Hmm so many things. Too many to just pick one I think.

  • Definitely when you’ve been waiting for a package for a while and it arrives, great feeling.

  • When you acquire a PSA 10 card and you have that satisfying feeling that you don’t need to worry about that card any more, you’ve completed the ultimate for it kinda thing. You can put it to bed.

  • You can’t beat packing a good holo. Sure it’s good to spend loads of money and buy lots of cards and sets, but they will never be the card you actually packed and as personal to you. I think Japanese Shining Charizard would be my best pull. I imagine based on my last two points that the ultimate would be to pack a card and get it graded as a 10. :blush:

  • When you negotiate a really good deal or unearth stuff that wasn’t actually listed by an eBay seller and only find out about by doing some digging.

  • When you get paid and it wipes out last months spending on Pokemon cards like it never happened.

  • Being a part of great communities like this and knowing that everyone there has the same or similar appreciation for the cards that you do.

  • Lastly, I (sadly) really enjoy just the process of organising all my cards. I love it when everything is organised by set and complete, and just looking through it now and then (all the time). It also feels great when new cards arrive and you can fill the holes for the first time.

  1. Leak night for new Japanese sets. I love staying up late and constantly refreshing Pokebeach/Y!J in order to see the artwork for all the new cards I’ve been eagerly anticipating. And by extension, getting that big, heavy package in from Japan just a few days later.

  2. PSA Returns. Nothing like getting some great grades in after a long, long wait.

  3. I concur with @xuzu. Pack pulling a card and grading it a 10 is a fantastic feeling. I only have 2 of those at the moment, but my recent PSA submissions should get me a few more.

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The profits.


I absolutely love getting Mail, and I also love getting my cards back from PSA. (When they grade GEM-MINT 10’s).


Yes, it is like Christmas.

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I agree. When you buy alot of singles it feels like Christmas every couple of days! :blush:

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Had a week to ten days with nothing arriving. I was out in the yard working and the mailman commented about the lack of overseas deliveries.


Definitely the rush of nostalgia and the feeling that i’ve permanently preserved a part of my childhood.

That’s the nice thing about PSA 10s. If you’re a Beckett collector, there’s always that nagging feeling that your card isn’t quite flawless… unless of course you have the almost mythical black label with 10s in every subcatagory.

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I love getting mail from overseas. Their stamps are so much neater. I feel more thrill from a $3 promo from Japan than $50 cards from USA.


Main one for me would be cards arriving from outside the UK. Since most of the cards i want are nearly always located overseas, its very exciting when they finally arrive :grin:

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My favorite thing about collecting is that it makes me strive to be more creative and more imaginative. Imaginative because I always imagine running into other collectors, finding good deals, what kind of design for a card I’d personally make, etc. And creative by finding a good strategy to buy/sell cards, organizing the collection, collecting something original, etc.