Your Favorite Moment(s) of Collecting!

So after viewing a few different collections, hearing a few stories, and feeling a sense that each individual has a personal story to tell about their own personal collections, I figured it might be nice to share your favorite moments of collecting. This can be anything you attribute it to from the time you went to a garage sale and got an incredibly rare card, or maybe early childhood memories of opening a pack and getting a card you never expected to get. Or maybe obtaining an item luckily or at an incredible price!

Please share your stories here, why they were your favorite moments, and what they meant to you too. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post mine later.

There were too many so it’s hard to pick a favorite…

Probably one of the key moments I had was at a garage sale in 2010. I did not collect pokemon cards by that time and I had sold or given away most of the ones I had left from my childhood days. So that day I met a guy who was selling a bunch of old cards of his own. One of them was a base set Charizard which I had never been lucky enough to possess. So why not? It was cheap and I thought it would be a nice reminder of my youth. I also believed I would limit myself to this one card only (I have never been so wrong, lol).

That was really what brought me back into the hobby. I still have this card in my collection today next to another 8 copies, first edition ones etc etc

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@azulryu – Thank you for providing an excellent topic to further elaborate and discuss upon :blush:

In this perplexing albeit wondrous universe, nothing satisfies the neuroendocrine dopamine receptors within your cranial neurons greater than acquiring the “ultimate treasure”. The aforementioned term harbours a plethora of significance to each individual collector and exhibits countless meanings. The “ultimate treasure” may be an ultra rare trophy card, or perhaps an enigmatic promotional card from a forgotten campaign in yesteryears. In certain circumstances, an individual may desire more than one legendary acquisition. Regardless, the “ultimate treasure(s)” is a phenomenon permanently engraved within the recesses of our memory.

I remember the first instance of this euphoric phenomenon. In 2010, I had ultimately desired to obtain a 1997 Pikachu & Arcanine Toyota Auto Campaign Folder. Interestingly, searching for this folder is what ultimately brought me to the UPCCC! Obtaining the folder required an exceptional degree of patience, as the item was incredibly rare. Fortunately, it had revealed its existence a few times on eBay. Unfortunately, I failed to win the auctions containing this beautiful jewel.

Luckily, the power of friendship prevailed! I obtained the 1997 Pikachu & Arcanine Toyota Auto Campaign Folder from a close friend after two years of intensive, extraneous, and arduous searching. I will never forget the exuberant joy bursting within my heart that day :blush:


Nice narrative Tara! That is a beautiful file there with some very rare cards. A true gem for the collection indeed. I personally have never seen one on sale on eBay or YJ.

Cool story acd! Haha my story is very similar. A couple years ago I got on ebay and just wanted to get that base set charizard I had lacked as a kid. I paid $15 and was afraid my purchase was foolish. Haha now I’ve spent a ridiculous amount on Pokemon cards and it all started with that base set Charizard just like it did for you.

I was super stoked when i completed my natta wake set and gb set at the same time. those were the most fun sets i’ve collected thus far.

Also, whenever I make a small advance in my japanese crystal collection I’m overjoyed. 1 to go :wink:


My favourite collecting moments span from my child growing up until about 3 years ago. I remember pulling a venasaur first edition as a kid and then pulling lugia from genesis first edition alongside a light togetic in destiny. There were plenty nice pulls but for some reason those were very memorable. About three years ago I purchased a gym challenge booster box and had the most fun ripping the packets open :blush: thinking of getting a box when I have some funds and will rip open for you guys and youtube :blush:

for me any time I obtain a card I want is what makes collecting worth while that and when I get it for a price that later on knowing if I wish to sell it on I will make some :0

One of my most memorable moments from my childhood, was getting out of of swim practice or swim lessons or something with my brother. We got in the car and my mom surprised us with a jungle booster pack each! I opened mine and pulled a holographic Flareon! I was so stoked and that card became a prize of my collection for a long time.

When I was 11 or 12, I was out of really being into pokemon because it had frankly become uncool and to be honest in some ways I was frustrated by its transition to the Neo series because I had so many holes in my original sets and I had wanted more time to collect them. Of course looking back it makes total sense and the original era cards had been out for a long time. But as a kid I didn’t get pokemon cards all the time so it was difficult to even approach a full collection. Anyway I was in the mall with two of my childhood best friends that had gotten me into pokemon when I was a kid. We each bought a booster pack to open for old time’s sake. I opened mine and pulled a Shining Tyranitar. Without a doubt my luckiest pull ever. While excited, it wasn’t even until later that I realized how rare a Shining Tyranitar was. I had assumed it to just be a bit rarer than a normal holo or about that rare. I’ll be sending mine in to be graded soon :blush:

After getting back into collecting a couple years ago, I got really excited when I completed my base, fossil, and jungle sets, and also when I scored a PSA 9 Shining Mew and PSA 9 Shining Charizard for $118 total! At that time Shining Mew PSA 9’s were selling alone for $165 on auction easily, so I was stoked to get both cards for less. Another key time in my more recent years was getting my hands on that elusive Natta Wake Pikachu. At the time the only ones on ebay were atrociously high and I was having a terrible time finding one. Ending up scoring one one day via Glenn on YJ. While it wasn’t the condition I hoped, it was still exciting to finally get my hands on that card. :blush:

Anyway I kind of broke the rules and told several moments, but oh well :blush:

These are all great stories and I really appreciate you guys taking the initiative to tell your stories. It’s awesome to see what personal moments really came to you in your time of collecting.

Also, Timewaster, you didn’t break any rules. The title indicates you can share more than one moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me, one of my favorite moments went down like this:

I was still a kid and was reading a Pokemon magazine talking about the new Shining Gyarados card that came in the Neo series. They said it was extremely hard to get in both English and Japanese packs and would be harder to get than other holo rares. At this time I only had 4 Gyarados cards and so badly wanted this one. I remember playing one of my favorite pokemon games, Silver, and catching the Shining Gyarados and how awesome of a Pokemon it was. I generally haven’t had much luck in pulls for Pokemon cards so I was convinced I would never be able to obtain the card.

A few weeks later I had saved enough money to buy 4 packs of the Neo series and opened them up one by one. I had left the idea of getting a Shining Gyarados out of my mind and kind of forgot that it was included in this new series. I had opened up the first three packs in my mom’s car at the time and they were generally pretty okay cards but nothing memorable. It finally came down to the last pack and as I opened it up, my heart skipped a beat. In my hands was a Shining Gyarados card and I stared at it in disbelief and yelled happily. My mom was concerned at first but then was excited for me when I told her how hard that card was to get.

To this day I still have that card and it’s in incredible condition. I call the first 5 Gyarados cards my “Original 5” which inspired me to collect Gyarados cards from then on. Previously I only focused on Mewtwo but after getting my pride and joy card, I made the decision to focus my collection on Gyarados, my favorite non-legendary Pokemon. :blush:

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Good stories!
My favorite moment in collecting.
When I bought 2,600 Legendary Bird Black Star Promotion cards. I bought a lot of stuff from that guy so he cut a deal on the promos.

Dude what a great story! That’s amazing to pull that card out of a pack with it being your favorite pokemon and favorite card! You should get that graded or at least put in a real fancy case or something. Heck maybe get all of your “original five” graded to preserve their condition since they’re so meaningful to you! That’s a great story!

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Haha that’s nuts! Why so many?

I’ve definitely considered getting my original 5 graded to preserve them. I’d probably be more likely to do PSA grading for them rather than the rest of my cards because of that value! My Base Gyarados wouldn’t get too much of a stellar grading but hey, it’s the memories that are important. I’ll look into that. :blush:

And thanks so much for the compliment! I was wicked happy to receive all these cards and they really jump started my collection by a lot.

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Well I could pay $3 for 3. I opted for paying the lower wholesale price. They are factory sealed, I think I got the better deal. I mainly got them to eventually make promo lots on eBay. I have around 12,000 promo cards to sell.

Ah ok that makes sense if you’ll be selling promo lots. :blush: