What happens to the item if a buyer doesn't pay(Yahoo Japan)

Besides negative feedback
When someone wins an auction and decides not to pay does the item get relisted or does it go to the second highest bidder?

Not quite sure how it works on Yahoo Japan. Is there even an option to offer it to the second highest bidder?

I have seen some instances where the item got relisted in a few days with an additional statement in the listing which goes along the lines of “Due to a mischievous bid, I am relisting this item again”(Google translated)

I have seen few cases like these because I had also bid for those items so I did check them again when they got re-listed with the same pictures by the same seller. Not sure if there is an option to give the item to the second highest bidder. It also helps to check if the seller has answered some questions about the product (in case of relisting) which is on the right side just below the seller evaluation.

Hope this helps.

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