EBay shilling?

So I found some sets for some great prices in decent condition on ebay a few days ago, all from the same seller. I got into what I thought was a legit bidding war with the same user on 3 of the full sets, I started to suspect something when I was literally getting outbid 10 seconds after I bid each time but carried on with the one set, I bid a black star promo set till the end up to £96 and let the others go as they went out of the range of what I would call decent but I lost to this user who was bidding on all the sets, literally 5 mins after the auction ends I get a second chance to BIN for my last bid, why would someone bid against me so vigorously and then not pay? Have I been shilled?

Edit: Contacted seller asking for the winner’s reason for not being able to buy and the only response I got was “I gave you a second chance on the listing are you going to be taking it or not?”

It is not a definitive “yes”. People bid and immediately say they don’t want to pay because it was apparently their kid or some other excuse to justify buyers remorse.

Realistically bid wars with crappy buyers is unfortunately common these days.

Still, being contacted immediately after an auction end is a little fishy.

Not necessarily. I list items I have multiples of, and it is much easier to second chance offer for a price you want.

Moreover, I have on average 1-3 buyers who cancels after immediately winning an auction.


Thanks for the responses. Should I take the second chance, leave it or report it? The same buyer seemed to win 2 or 3 out of 5 auctions

I’d leave it and see if it gets re-listed for auction, then max bid at where the listing ended. And if the same thing happens again where you get a 2nd chance offer, well…

Very possible it’s a multiple item one. Very possible you got screwed also.

Edit: i would also suspect however that if the buyer had multiple copies they would say that as the reason, however he/she may think you are more likely to take it if you think it’s the only copy.


Ended up leaving it.

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