What Do You Want to See in the Second Half of Scarlet & Violet era?

Again, I would love a small set with strong set identity like I explained above. I understand there are older gen pokemon in newer sets, but they’re just randomly sprinkled in. I want an actual cohesive Gen 1-3 set.

Also I can understand why someone that didn’t grow up with the older gens isn’t interested in them, just like most of us that are older don’t care much about the new gens. Works both ways and the nice thing is there is something for everyone within this hobby.


Gen 2 starter special illustration rares / alt arts without crowns on their heads.


I mean the % of Gen 9 Pokemon isn’t even that high after the first half of the first year of a generation in Japanese sets. If people obviously lump 2-9, 3-9 or 4-9 altogether then it would seem like it, but it’s otherwise disingenuous.

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Im not really sure honestly. SV is really solid imo, i dont understand people saying art isnt great or too much printing or whatever. The only thing for me is that i didnt play SV so i dont rly have a connection with a lot of the new pokemon, but thats a me problem. Although ig i can kinda see where the set cohesion perspective is coming from

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the set they’re struggling to keep in stock the most (in jp) is a set where the chase card is a gen 9 trainer. i know people often think “if i don’t care about this set, many others probably don’t either” which is true, but there are still enough people to buy up everything from the shelves

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yea haha

Carmine and Kieran are up there too tbh

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From a player perspective, I’d love to see the probable Mega Pokemon (likely in Legends ZA game) cards to be playable and not need a separate item (Spirit Link) that ends your turn as these generally take spaces away from other Trainer cards in the packs.

Collector wise - I’d love to see IAR cards for each of the rumoured Eevee evolutions in Terestal Festival. We are also still waiting for ex cards for Darkrai, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon and Celebi.

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A new Meganium card. Doesn’t even need to be an alt art or illustration rare. It’s been 6 years since the last one, I’ll take a cameo at this point.


You’ll have to point out where I said no other sets sell apart from nostalgia sets, otherwise I’m not sure what point you’re making

How frequently do you want to see older gen themed sets in the current or future Pokémon generation (SV, gen 10)?

If sets promoting new gen content are selling just as well as a set promoting nostalgia, will you be satisfied with an older gen set releasing once annually while the rest of the year remains current gen?


Any set card for Pichu would be great too. If we exclude Mischievious Pichu promo from 2022 then we’re talking about 10+ years without one ( if Bulbapedia list is up to date ), this thing is gen 2 Kadabra without any good reason. :rofl:

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I’m not asking for nostalgia sets on a frequent basis, I’m more interested in better set pattern and cohesion

They should leave Pikachu out of all sets for a full year <3

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My wishlists for Terestral Festival

  • Friends in Paldea, Kitakami, and Blueberry Academy
  • Teachers of Naranja/Teachers of Uva Academy
  • Professor Research SAR
  • New Boss’s Order card
  • Gordie to make a comeback
  • CHRs/CSRs

Gordie in an Eevee themed set is just cruel

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These are coming in the fable set next

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A munchlax AR card or just a new munchlax in general… (yes I no blood moon ex sar has munchlax ).

I believe it’s the stellar crown set they will be but nevertheless i’m very excited for that!

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Argh yes you are correct

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Also, from gen 2, bugsy, chuck, pryce, and clair full arts