What do you want for Christmas?

Hey everyone, perhaps a bit early for this however i blew my budget way out recently so will most likely not be able to purchase anything worthwhile until around the start of december.
Just wondering what card/cards some of you have (or will have) on your xmas lists this year?

For me.
Mainly 1st ed shining char :slightly_frowning_face:, raichu, kabutops and holo crystals from skyridge.

I usually never ask for anything for Christmas, and when I do, it’s never pokemon related. The last time I did ask for something, I was a freshman in college (I’m a junior now) when I asked my parents for a keyboard for my dorm room, as I really enjoy playing the piano. I’m content with whatever my family decides to get me and focus more on finding something my parents and sister will like.

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I’d really like some new undershirts. A belt would be useful. Maybe some black G-2 Pilot (0.5 mm) pens.

Money for a new tattoo that I’ve wanted for a couple of years now? XD

Also, before anyone asks, no, it’s not Gyarados related surprisingly. XD

I want a tablet. partly for school, partly to increase my pokemon hunting efficacy :stuck_out_tongue:

To pay less income tax.


Lol Scott@ u should check out that lead I gave you.

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For my extended family all to suddenly come down with a mystery illness that prevents them from coming over to my parents house for the day.


a winning lottery ticket and to sell all my pokemon collection

Time travel machine to buy a lot of first edition base set boxes in the past.


Buy shares in Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, IBM instead.


My two front teeth…

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I know you asked about cards
I want either PS4/XBOX ONE

then card wise
don’t really have any wants unless someone wants to send me a PSA 9/10 gold star ESPEON

then I’ve kind of gone off course for other cards
Focusing alot more on sealed decks/ opened /but inside sealed decks
from other languages

big wants for me

Problem: solved.

Couple tcg illustration artbooks would be nice, don’t think they’ll arrive before Christmas though. :slightly_frowning_face:


Hopefully Il get a little cash bonus gifted to me so I can spend every dime on some things I’ve been after. Particularly a carddass jumbo pika and complete 97 set. Need to stop wasting my money on taiwanese playing cards tho durp.

No cards for me this Christmas… I’ve already spent 900$ of purchased items on Y!J… Maybe the next year I will buy my Christmas gift :wink:

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Probably a new shirt… I haven’t bought myself one in over a year because my money goes to Pokemon / Food / rent / gas / and my EVIL GIRLFRIEND!!

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I second this! I would have been picking up Japanese boxes and not stopped collecting in 2000! I initially started to buy Pokemon cards in 96 when I was beginning 7th grade. Since Japanese culture plays a big role in Hawaii, we had a bunch of shops that sold the Japanese cards and games. I used to play the games in Japanese without being able to read a lick of Japanese and had to have my Japanese friends from school help me translate. Anywho, I would have never stopped collecting and picked up all of the cards I am looking for now when they were relatively cheaper. :stuck_out_tongue: Or I can do a Hot Tub Time Machine and invent Google myself :blush:

Really though, since time travel isn’t gonna happen, I would say I would want a 026/PLAY Umbreon and a squat rack with an olympic barbell and 00 lbs worth of bumper plates.

I’m getting a new busking amplifier hopefully! I can see it now. I’ll play for 3 hours, and then spend every dollar I make at the card shop on the way home.

A day off. :confused:

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