What cards are in your dream binder?

Having just bought a 4x3 12 pocket binder with the intention of putting in only my favourite cards and artworks I was wondering if anyone has already done this or is in the process of putting one together? Pictures/videos of progress would be cool.
If you aren’t already doing this, what cards would you add to your dream binder?

For me, my dream binder will be very expensive… no rarity holos, 1st shadowless holos, jp gold stars 1st ed, jp shinings and crystals as well as lots of other stuff i find cool including some more expensive promos e.g, daisuki club promos i would like to feature. Of course this is a long term goal but it will take over as my main collection goals as I’m satisfied mostly with my graded collection.

Would love to hear your thoughts guys :blush:


Just one:


I really like the 4x3 format, ends up being a square page, which really lends itself to curating pages. I recently completed my Charizard spread of all Charizard arts from 1999-2009. Of course there are rarer 1st edition variants to some of my collection, but the overall look of the page is the same.

Currently working on a Neo Destiny spread, which conveniently has 8 shinings and 16 holo which will perfectly on 2 of the 4x3 pages.

Look forward to seeing your complete pages!


For that type of binder it would be cool to me to have it filled with Gold Stars and Shinings. I’m a sucker for higher end set cards.

Purchased my first shining in magikarp recently. It really wets my whistle.

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1998 no.3 pikachu trophy card, Wotc promo cards #40 and #41. I think I own everything else that I actively want.

1 copy of each English 1st edition, e-reader, and promo cards from the WOTC era along with 1 copy of all the 90s Japanese exclusive cards including all the trophies in gem mint condition would be a pretty cool binder to own.

I like the concept of a dream binder, but that’s basically my collection binder already. It’s just the little green Saur with the bulb on his back with his friends and family of the evolutionary line. Nothing beats the Saurs!

The concept of a dream binder with ‘favourite’ or ‘best’ art work is that these almost all look the same for everybody.

Everybody kinda picks the same bunch of cards, because those are the art works often featured, shown and paraded with. I’ve never seen someone showing a Base Set Gastly calling it the best Gastly art ever, it gets easily overshadowed by the Fossil set one. But for someone that has been in 3D design since childhood, maybe this Gastly is the pinnacle of it all, the thing that made him go into 3D design.

There is just one card, just one, that will always keep an empty spot in my binder; Bulbasnap

I would even take a heavy played just to fill the spot… but never gonna happen I think



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Oh yeah. Pokemon is fucking up big time with Pokemon Schutzstaffel

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Mine for sure looks quite different from what most peoples would!

Mine would be English holo and reverse holo alakazam’s, salamance’s, bellsprout’s, diglett’s, and wooper’s from legendary collection through power keepers. And then in addition to those, any and all of the sets cards reverse holos from the same sets mentioned above, especially EX deoxys, I’ve recently really fallen in love with those reverse holos! Preferably all in mint or NM condition!

And this would hopefully be in a reeeeeaall big binder, like one of those 4 inch binders!

My eyes burnt after seeing that gorgeous binder :tada:!

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@chorizord, speaking of dream binder, I’ve been considering buying a 12 page binder for myself from Legion’s Dragon Hide series. What’s stopped me in the past from making the purchase is the fear that the pages would be too heavy and might damage the cards. Have you experienced any card damage or worry?

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A page of unlimited Platinum American Express cards that someone else pays off the accounts for.


Thank you @pokemonargentina! Hope your eyes are okay now :joy:

@azulryu I own an Ultimate Guard QuadRow binder. In terms of compression of cards stacked I’ve never been too concerned about this per se. But one potential design flaw on this binder is the pages near the front and back and column of cards closest to the spine may be pressed against a stitch fold line when the binder is fully open. For that reason I keep rarer cards in the near the middle of the binder - plus it builds up anticipation to the good stuff when I show someone in person!

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This is really worth watching if you’re looking for a new binder. I know it’s Magic channel but all kinds of binders are being review quiet regularly and he really is nailing it on the cons and pros of each binder. (It’s a playlist, going back a few years, in total like 10+ videos)

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I’m always intrigued to start a Pokedex binder with my favorite artworks from each Pokémon. But I have to think about the rules, since I don’t like to have expensive cards in binders I may limit the price to 15€ or so. And I have to find a binder that fits 1000 cards. I like the 3x4 ones with ziplock, but afaik they have around 20 pages and are not expandable.

The one card I always dream about is the wonder platinum and miracle diamond but those are so insanely rare and so insanely expensive. I can always dream though!

No that’s mine.

Not sure what my “dream” binder would be, but I like to have full pages of cool artworks of my favorite pokemon, so maybe a full page of Umbreon play promo gs :grin: