What cards are being slept on right now?

With all the exciting prices going around, what are your views on cards that are being slept on right now? I’ll start first:

I think 1st ed base set packs are being slept on personally. Full disclosure, i just bought a three art set.

Why? I was scrolling and saw an old post where someone had a light pack UFS for USD1.4k in early 2019…and i was surprised that it hasn’t really moved even today. Opportunity came up soon after and i thought why not i guess.

Looking forward to everyone’s views.

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care to explain also

PSA 9 Shadowless cards are still damn cheap given their historical place in the game and their high grade. Shadowless cards were still part of the first English TCG print run ever. Based on current market prices you could probably get a complete PSA 9 set for around $8k or so. That’s far more affordable than many other WOTC sets, especially compared to its 1st ed Base brethren.


Base Set 1st Edition (they have been moving a bit lately) and Shadowless!

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Aquapolis psa 10 set.

  • most cards are under 40 pop
  • cards cost $200 - $300 each (a few under $200)
  • boxes are too expensive too to crack
  • best artwork

I’ve been following aquapolis last few weeks and seems like its the flavor of the month, prices have gone up a lot on most of them already!


Although these prices have been moving lately, I agree. We’re talking about very low pop cards in extremely expensive boxes, which means the cards will remain low pop. And the artwork is indeed great.

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The entire DPPt/HGSS era. Commonly seen as the low point of the hobby, I see nobody invest in these cards (Most are still stuck with WotC, some venture into Ex, but nobody goes for Gen 4). What you have to consider is that it’s not exactly a part of the modern TCG (I’d say that starts with XY). So you end up with sets that are extremely limited in quantity and still have potential to be vintage one day. And due to the low pop, it doesn’t take many Gen 4 collectors to increase prices to considerable amounts.

Invest now when they are cheap and play the long game.


I think a lot of snorlax cards are being slept on.


Emerald Ex, Deoxys, delta species reverse holos, crystal guardians.

For boxes worth $5k+, crazy you can find most of the holos in a psa 10 for $100 or less. Its inevitible the price has to go up as the newer collectors enter the market & get to the age where they can have salaries and comfortably collect. Even then, EX cards finally hit their jump, i would not be surprised if/when these do. Low pops & all. Especially delta species reverse holos, incredibly cheap.

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This is definitely the most slept on card:


I agree with this. I love the artworks on the EX series reverse holos and love how they are stamped with the set name. I think they’re very cool cards and have been picking up them for as low as $1-$3 in NM condition. Very cool stuff to collect.


1 Word. Primes. These cards are hard to grade and have low pop. Across all of them they probably average $65 for a 10…


I actually think the Southern Islands cards in English and Japanese are still slept on. Same with many Meiji cards including but not limited to: 1999 and 1997.


I’ve never heard of those. What is the set called?

Assuming you are talking about the holos in these sets and not the EX cards, I’m not sure we will see a major jump for them. Keep in mind that holos in the EX sets are not like WOTC holos. They are not the chase cards. In fact, they are third on the totem pole behind Gold Stars and EX cards.

I personally love the EX holos and think their holo patterns are absolutely beautiful, and I myself collect them. But I’m not sure they will ever experience significant growth. Not saying they don’t have any room at all, but I’m not sure enough people actually care about them for them to actually see any kind of consequential spike in value.


Primes come from the HGSS sets.

I thought or rather had hoped this too since I’m mostly complete with my binder set ex holos. However even if they don’t go up price wise astronomically the margins will still be high. Many of these holos have gone from $3 ungraded mint to $30 psa 9 and can still be found ungraded mint.


I can’t believe I can still find NM team rocket returns ex cards for under $80 considering how expensive and hard to find this set has become. 3rd gen ex cards in general, even though they’ve been picking up speed recently.