What card do you regret passing on?

If you would have needed to ask your partner to dip into your savings, it sounds like you 100% made the right decision not to buy that card at the time.


I have 2
Erika’s Hospitality Full Art. I thought I could pick it up later. I was wrong
The Neo Shining Celebi 1st Edition NM. It just stayed at 250is for a looong time. Then I forgot all about it until it was too late.

Not so much a single card. But early last year I traded up on my vending series 1,2,3 and Masaki cards.


Had a chance to buy a Rayquaza SL10 (Call of Legends) PSA 10 a couple of years back for about $2.6K. I still think about it on a weekly basis.

And as a Latios collector, the Latias & Latios AA is another missed opportunity. I passed on buying one at an LGS for $30, thinking I could buy it eventually. Never imagined it would even go over $100.

We all have missed opportunities, but I regularly regret passing on the Rocket special case when it was released because I didn’t have a few hundred bucks… I COULD have found the money and it wouldn’t have sunk me, but it was “extra effort…” :sob:


Biggest regreat

Brought a PSA 10 1999-2000 base set charizard didn’t have enough for the import fees so it got sent back and was lossed on the way back.


EBD Lillie for 1k when it first came out…
Was going to grab a few for “investment”, but passed because I didn’t really like the concept of collecting waifus lmao :melting_face:


Dang that hurts to read!


Thanks was my third biggest purchase as well.

Worth part is i sold my PSA 9 version to help fund so i had to buy that back at a later date.

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Ouch, sorry, this also hurts on a personal level since I know how sneaky import charges and taxes can be. Hopefully you can find another Charizard eventually.


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I managed to buy my PSA 9 back or at least another copy but sadly that 10 will forever be out of my price range now.

Back in 2015ish, i started getting into Pokemon and fell in love with the dark Pokemon especially… hence Team Rocket in my name. I bought some 1st edition Rocket and Fossil Booster boxes which were somewhat expensive (300-1000 bucks). I bought a few and sold them in 2018 and my buddy kept telling me to hold on to them. Covid 19 happened+Logan Paul, you know the rest :,(


My biggest regret that I can think of was in 2019 when I had the opportunity to buy an ungraded Pikachu Art Academy card from Meli for 2k or 3k. I was about a year back into Pokemon and I was too anxious to spend that kind of money on a Pokemon card. Considering everything I bought that year, I really could have afforded the card instead of many of the other purchases I made. It still hurts today. Not making that mistake again.


It’s very niche, but there is a single Wailord reverse holo albino back error from the SWSH block that I couldn’t justify buying at the time. Probably a 1/1 Wailord and it’s been delisted and never seen since. Guy that owned it messaged me and rubbed salt in the wound by saying that it’s going to his bank vault for eternity :smiling_face_with_tear:


Alpha Lotus in exc for 2k


I proactively live life without regret…
I did have two major learning lessons that continuously remind myself for future transactions:

  1. (4/20/2009) Renegotiating on an already really good opportunity and failing to follow up on time:

  1. (6/11/2013) Relying on outside opinions regarding transactions instead of trusting my experience and gut



Not exactly pokemon, although I have some regrets there too but when I got back into cards in 2018 I wanted to buy a Ronaldo rookie card (he was less insane back then) and decided I didn’t want to go this high (on this exact card):

Three years later a copy sold for:


PSA 10 1st Edition Base Charizard at $3,000 then at $5,000-$6,000-ish then one last ditch effort when it jumped to $10,000 I tried trading 1,000 Team Rocket Long Packs for one, they were valued at about $12 a piece but didn’t get the deal done. Ended up selling the packs for around that price and still didn’t buy a copy.


Pokemon Pat, wow what a throwback! He really did have some great sets he sold (not to rub salt in the wound). I purchased my 1st Ed Gym sets & Rocket from him, also in 2009.


Take me fucking back…

Meanwhile I try to find any holos I need in psa 8/9 for under 200 dollars each :sob: