What are these Japanese Cards?


I have more but they are all gym edition.

Those are regular Japanese set cards

Snap cards?!!

I moved this to its own thread. These are common cards from the early japanese sets. Pretty typical mix from collecting back in the day!

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Thank you

Its a totally fair question, understanding what’s what can be pretty daunting at first and on the other end of the spectrum the experienced collectors are just a little tired of hearing these questions, emotions can run high but everyone is more or less chill generally.

Healthy mix of some old Japanese cards, nothing very valuable but some classic art work.

Are you looking to start collecting; or were you hoping to sell?

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For future reference, if you google ‘Japanese pokemon card xxx/xxx’, where xxx is the numbers on the bottom right hand corner of the card you can easily find out what the card is.

Also, using the same search string on ebay sold items will show you how much the last one sold for.

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