What are shadowless base set holo cards worth in mint?

Hi I was just wanting opinions on the cost of the shadowless base set holo cards in mint condition and how rare are they as well,as there are lot of different views out there.There is a full set in mint condition on ebay UK for £850($1450)Is that too dear?I only have a PSA 9 Alakazam from the shadowless set,anyone know how much that is worth?cheers.

That’s high for the Shadowless set.
Your Alakazam could bring 50-70.

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Hi I thought that myself, first one I have seen on ebay though so I did not know for sure.I got the Alakazam as part of a deal so I done quite well,worked out at about $20.

I agree on Not Zelda Gilroy 's assesment. Ungraded “Mint” goes for about $12-$20. Some of them (gyarados, hitmonchan, mewtwo, and ninetales) can be found in the early print runs of pre-constructed themed deck boxes, such as “overgrowth”, “blackout”, “zap”, and “brushfire”, which are still around. This may not help, but it’s a data point :blush:

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I sold a set of played shadowless holos for 185

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Generally when we’re talking about prices, what are the distinctions between 1st Edition (Thick/Thin) vs Unlimited?

I sold an incomplete shadowless set for $162.50 not long ago, but that had NM cards in it also. I think a pure mint set, non 1st edition, just shadowless, 100% complete, could fetch between $220 - $380 USD on average. Maybe more…

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Thanks for your replies everyone.I am going to try and get more of the holos in PSA 9 from the person I got the Alakazam from,will have to pay about (£17)$25 each so quite a good price:-)

25.00 for PSA 9 holos is a great price.