Welcome to Elite Fourum Thread

Heck yea Raichu is awesome, best of luck on the final 11!


Raichu is an early favorite od mine as well! Great mon. Loved the call in gen 1.
Welcome to the fourum, @Kijamon!


Welcome @Kijamon !


Hello, I’m dvaldesi a Pokemon TCG collector from Spain mostly interested in the EX era. I have loved Pokémon since I was introduced to the games with Pokemon Gold back in 2001 and have been playing every game ever since.
I’m really looking forward to be a part of the E4 community.


Welcome @dvaldesi to e4! I grew up on Gold too, good to have you!

Welcome @dvaldesi looking forward to having you on E4. I was gold and silver as well!

Welcome @zyxxke ! Cool to have a Russian collector on the forum!

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Welcome, @dvaldesi! It’s nice to see someone who prefers EX era. Lots of great cards from those sets, but less popular than others. A true injustice!

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I just made an account. ama. hi. ^-^


Welcome to e4, natsume! Tell us a little bit about your collecting interests. There are plenty of e4 members who are sure to share similar interests as you.

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Welcome to the community, @natsume! Yes. What Dyl asked. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @dvaldesi ! There are many EX fans here!


Hello everyone!

You can call me Cross, and I am a Spanish collector that has recently (4 months) returned to the hobby.

I started as a kid, playing and collecting from Base Set all the way till Neo Discovery.

I have returned strong. I am new to this forum and I would like to say thanks to all of you that give out so much value.

My expertise relies on finance and economics. Although I am here for collecting, not investing or speculating, I will try to add some value from my end, relating this topics with Pokemon TCG and collecting fundamentals (which I have also been studying for years).

My collecting goals are related to WOTC 1st edition sets, and specific Tier S chase cards that have an estimated print run of under 30.000.

My grail is a Charizard Base Set 1st in English, PSA 9. And I am ENJOYING SO MUCH completing my collection!

Thanks everyone, once again! And I hope to find great relationships here :grinning:

I’m showing my collection accomplishments in IG (@tcgcrosscollector) and will start posting here as regularly as I can!

Have a nice day! :star_struck:


Welcome to e4, Cross! We’re happy to have you here.


Bienvenido a E4! I’ll have to check out your IG. Glad to have you here, and best wishes on your collecting journey.


Welcome to the forum @tcgCROSScollector . Very lovely to have you here. Looking forward to seeing you collection both on IG and here and also your progress towards your goals. Have a great time on E4.


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Thanks @mrbubbles , @xileets and @Dyl !! I’m sure to find here a great community with who have great times!! :smiley:

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