Weighed 1st edition Packs

Is it possible to weigh these with good accuracy? I want to buy some but I am afraid to purchase them and I get no holos.

I have heard this was a thing but do not know for sure. Are going to open a 1st edition base pack?! It is risky but also very exciting.

I opened lots. I would say I had a standard pull rate; 1 in 3 was a holo. But I got onto a couple sellers with substandard rates (maybe 1 in 4 or 5 so I called it quits.

I don’t know if it was weighing or bad luck but I lost some money there (by some I mean LOTS) :confused:

I agree. As tempting as it is to pull a mint to gem mint holo the odds are against you. But it is ultimately up to you and what you prefer.

Yeah I called it quits, but let me tell you, it is painful to have sealed packs in my safe knowing that a perfect Charizard may lie within…

I want to open some for that old feeling I use to have opening old school packs. I probably will only purchase one and whatever I get I’ll be happy with.

They are thrilling to open, take your time and savour the moment :blush:

you can weigh the packs if you know the weight or the cloestest amount it can be possible but 1st ed packs are something i would like to test but its also the money factor that makes it worth the time to even have one to open

They can easily and accurately be weighed. You’d be crazy to purchase one to open. If you grade it then ok:) if you want a fair chance at a holo then buy a sealed box ($$$OUCH$$$) or JKnox is selling packs from a sealed box which you should only buy if you can get 12 of them all with the same character on them. If not then 100% pass.

I also notice there are blisters which are a lot safer correct?

We could all pitch in and buy 12 packs of the same art from jknox :wink: hahaha. So much money! One day I’ll buy a booster box.

Actually surprised that you haven’t! I wouldn’t open the box if I had one. It is really a beautiful thing to have a 1st edition box

I passed on 4 different boxes at the 4k mark to buy trophy cards instead. I have no regrets :blush:

I just opened up a pack; Dragonair for me…haha.

It’s fantastic to get holo’s but painful when you pull a non-holo on a $200 pack.

What is the Shadowless Base Draft?

Non-Holo rare’s suck! :wink:

I wish to pull a charizard!!!

Oh that sounds sweet!

If we can get 4 people to go in on it count me in. I could take delivery and weigh them out then we’d all get three packs with one guaranteed holo:)

^^^ or you could send a box to me since you have so many haha

I think it’s also possible to weigh boxes to see which one should have more holo’s than another one…
Of course, the chances for a rip-off are much less than with boosters but there are large differences in pulls between boxes.