Combating Weighed Packs

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Another thing to think about, along the lines of @garyis2000’s post about getting all the holos and having 2 packs left…

What about Japanese boxes? What if I open up packs until I pull a full art, and there are say 12 packs left in the box, and I sell those. There are still EX and holo cards left in there, so I’m technically not weighing the packs. They just don’t have the shot at a SR.

This would mean the packs have been searched. You would have to just disclose that it’s highly unlikely/nearly impossible to get a Secret Rare, but the others are fair game

what about companies like collector’s cache or troll and toad that sell packs and singles? I know they weigh packs and create an artificial distribution that is in their favor just a little more than if they were just picking packs out of the box. Why wouldn’t they? It is kind of more fair to customers to a point because it guarantees a certain rate per buying packs but they also gain an advantage for pulling out heavy packs and uping their stock on certain singles. Is this unethical?

Well ain’t this great…

i have that scale

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I’ve never actually tried weighing booster packs (and never will); however, I thought that only worked on the older WotC Packs?
Does pack weighing occur on the newer pokemon series as well? Sounds like it does according to that CL seller; however, at the same time it is CL too… Haha

Same here lol.

To the user above me, yes, it works on all packs. I typically weigh the packs from my own boxes, just to sell the remaining packs to people who want the packs at a cheaper price and don’t mind if they have been weighed. I used to weigh packs at stores, but I stopped because it didn’t feel right screwing over fellow members of the community…


They are sold on Amazon and eBay.

I tried weighing packs on one Platinum era and one BW era box and predicted holos with a pretty high success rate. I couldn’t really differentiate URs from regular holos though.

God! I hate this conduct. It is so widespreaded that is probably impossible to combat. Since the endgame is profit, I don’t see a way to stop it. In the end, we are obligated to buy booster boxes, the middleman sells more, and of course Nintendo sells more, therefore, Nintendo will never look for a solution…

I don’t even understand the concept of “I bought a booster box, so it’s okay to sell the weighed packs because I am disclosing the information, and there are people who want to buy them.”

The problem is this is still wrong. By weighing the packs out of a booster box and selling the light packs. This does two things:

A. Gives you the advantage to sell the max amount of light packs pertained in a single booster box that you would have not otherwise had by opening the packs up without weighing them. Like if you weigh then you would end up with 24 light packs, by not weighing maybe you would only have 3-5 left over or so.

And as a result of this;

B. Floods the market with light packs, which creates a bunch of different problems, like people buying light packs and re-selling them as “unweighed packs” just one example.

Even doing the same thing and selling the heavy packs instead of the light packs creates problems. Once one person sells heavy packs for higher prices than unweighed packs, the follow-the-leader mentality will catch on, thus leaving the honest sellers in the dust.

Just imo

I open up a few packs on video anytime buying a lot of loose packs so I can verify they are un-weighed.

With new sets it is hard to compete price-wise. All of my packs are straight from booster boxes or collection boxes, but people seem to be willing to buy the weighed packs to get them for $.30 cheaper. It is almost a standard for someone to ask if the packs are weighed before buying. I realize that this is an advantage that anyone had the ability to take, but it hurts the game. For that reason, I do not sell weighed packs in my store. Only exceptions would be WOTC packs that I get in too small of lots to be able to determine if they are weighed or not.


And there you have it folks.
Integrity and protection of the hobby we all love.
If you rip off young people with your weighed packs we could lose them from the hobby and we need them to flourish. And putting the ‘weighed’ info in your description doesn’t help. Youngsters rarely read description.

A good point earlier…even if someone buys them as described weighed from you they may resell them without that info,

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Will post my idea again since it’s in the appropriate thread.

For applicable sets, when buying loose packs from someone on eBay, we could help the community by putting how many packs we bought and how many special cards we got in them in the sellers feedback. This doesn’t have to be malicious, merely informative to potential buyers. It’s all about giving the buyer a fair chance to make an informed decision. It also does not matter how many or few packs you report on as, you could have bought 20 packs and got 0 holo’s, which is pretty credible evidence to most people of foul play, or… for the more cunning pack weigher who only sells singles or a couple to get away with it, you may end up with 10 people in a row who all bought 2 packs each from the same set and all received 0 holo’s which is equally as telling as the first case.

Of course I’m being naive, only a small % of pack buyers will visit this site and not even everyone here will think it is a good idea, but if some people do it at least I think it could benefit the hobby and maybe someone here will do it next time and shed light onto a shady seller, which could then be seen by a potential buyer and stop that person being conned out of their hard earned money. We have the means to kill or at least harm this dirty practice.

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I know there’s not much we can do about it - maybe Nintendo will step in in the future and create some sort of insert that supplements the difference in weight between EX and regular cards but for now this is what we have to live with. I’m surprised they haven’t already since it’s fairly obvious the ‘random’ booster packs really aren’t random.

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-Holo in every pack, with EXs/URs weighing the same as holos, somehow.
-More randomized amount of plastic used on booster packaging. Card quality control took a step back, why can’t the wrapping itself?

I’m sure there are other solutions, but this is getting way out of hand. The largest Pokemon page on facebook is just flooded with the results of weighed packs after every new set is dropped, an no one seems to have an issue with it. Totally ruins the fun of going and buying a few packs for everyone else, and like others have mentioned, it really does hurt the hobby in the long run.

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Like I said, I usually sell them to pack collectors or people who want RHs/online codes/some Trainers and don’t mind paying less for dud packs. The market can’t be flooded if the packs are being opened or kept stored away.

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