Want to buy: Fan Club Eevee, Masaki Golem, Natta Wake Pika

Hello there!

In addition to Eevee, Golem, and Pikachu, I’d be looking for the following Japanese cards:

  • GB Dark Fearow;

  • Quick Starter Articuno (and the M Ball, too);

  • Neo III Shining Magikarp;

  • Intro Neo Deck cards;

  • Misty’s Treatment; and

  • Carddass checklists.

We can Paypal or trade. For trade, I have a bunch of cards, including the Video Intro Bulbsaur and Squirtle Deck Cards.

Thank you!

Add at least rough prices you’re willing to pay for each to attract sellers.

Ungraded or not because I’ve got a psa 9 masaki Golem open to trade or sell.