SwolePoke post of GAINS (Buying Thread)

What’s up guys!

Decided to throw a small list together of stuff I’m looking to Buy/Trade on here :grin:
For the most part I’m Paypal ready 9 out of 10 times. Please Pm ME if you are looking to sell!

These cards must be Mint! I will also purchase these cards graded PSA 10 if the price is right :blush:

Japanese Neo 4 Shinings- Shining Charizard

  • Shining Tyranitar
  • Shining Noctowl
  • Shining Kabutops
  • Shining Celebi
  • Shining Mewtwo

Japanese Unlimited E-Series Crystals

  • Kingdra
  • Kabutops
  • Golem
  • Ho-oh
  • Celebi
  • Crobat

Misc Secondary Wants

  • Masaki Promos (Except Gengar)
  • Any packs from E-Series 1 to World Champions
  • Fan Club Promos (Eevee, Magikarp, Porygon)
  • PCG-P Promo Blastoise/Venusuar

That’s it for now. I’ll update it regularly when I see or remember cards I want!

Thank You!

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