VS Rockets Tyranitar 142/141

I recently came across a video on youtube showing the VS tyranitar so, I went back to look for the one I had and I noticed the unlike my other VS cards this has no rarity symbol and is number 142/141 in the set. What’s up with that is it some sort of secret rare VS card or was it just added to the set after it came out? It also has a holo 1st Edition symbol. Here’s a picture:

Straight from an (unreleased) catalogue:

The Tyranitar half-deck
This special deck was released to commemorate the release of the 2001 movie, making it one of a long series of releases and promos related to the Pokémon movies. The cards are in the main set, with the exception of Rocket’s Tyranitar, which is numbered 142/141.

the Rockets Tyranitar was in a special half deck like dogma said.only available at the movie set but i also heard they also released the deck at a small tournament

What’s the value of this card?