venus5-12 Scam

Ebay order:

Seller: venus5-12

Order 11/10
Tracking provided 11/10
Paypal message center opened 11/19 - Tracking had not been validated by carrier yet

Seller claims that it was picked up 11/10 and that he talked to post office. Due to Veteran’s day and snow, it was shut down the entire time and had not scanned any packages. It should update in 4-5 days

I called the post office and talked to a worker there and to the carrier who who have picked up from their location. The package had not been picked up nor had they been closed down. I escalated the case due to the blatant lies. (The seller was quite creative in some of this if the paypal conversation screen shots are wanted)

11/23 - I get a notification from paypal “Second Notification: Your response needed for case # PP-007-540-829-216” (no first notification btw) The seller had the package picked up that evening after I escalated the case(11/19) and it delivered yesterday morning(11/23). I respond saying that the package just delivered and I would need a day to go check the package. 2 minutes later the case closed out against me.

I am fairly angry at this point. I call in am told that because it was item not received I automatically lost that case once I responded due to the delivery. The lady I speak to says the notification from paypal I should ignore, and that I should record the opening of the package to have coverage.

Yesterday evening I make it to the post office to pick up my package. I video the opening here: - YouTube

I now call paypal as they have removed the appeal option on the transactions page. The rep opened an appeal for me. I was given until Tuesday morning(11/27) to have a police incident report filled out and the video is useless. That short amount of time is crazy so I went ahead and opened an ebay case as well just to have some sort of other hand in the game. Surprisingly the seller accepted the return but did not provide a return label. Now I am calling ebay to see if I can get it taken care of faster since the package was empty.

Ebay tells me to wait for the label. IF I get one I will have to ship the empty bubble mailer back. If not and they step in, they would also require a police incident report. He recommended that I message the seller asking to going ahead and issue a refund since they sent an empty package.

I will copy that conversation here if you want to read it:

“I touched base with ebay as well. Once you provide the shipping label I can ship back the empty bubble mailer you shipped. That is a bit senseless so hopefully you can do the right thing and issue the refund. This was the best course of recommendation I was given from the guy I just spoke with from ebay. Please get this taken care of it would be much easier than filing official police reports, but if you do not that is where ebay has told me this is going.”

The card was in the bubble mailer when it went out in the mail, you have already broken ebay’s rules by having a case open in paypal and ebay at the same time."

“I actually told them the entire process of how I opened the case on paypal and explained what happened as well as encouraged them to look into that as well. There was no card in the package, you an I both know this. I made a video of the entire opening and I guess filing the official police report looks to be the correct course of action. I was simply sending you the previous message as a recommendation from the representation I talked to. I hope that the ebay trust and safety team looks into account with vigor.”

“I purchased that bubble mailer especially for your shipment, if i was planning on not sending anything then why would I have spent money on a special envelope instead of just using a plain one I have here? First the package was lost for almost 2 weeks, then you finally receive it and tell me it was empty, and automatically accuse me of being a scammer, and threaten the police real good customer service skills you have.”

I wanted to reply again, but it is hard to argue with that and it would just cause unrest on my part. I already left “positive” feedback on their account in my rush to give them a negative review.

This morning I called to have a police officer to fill out the incident report and was told it is not something they normally do. After getting approval from a supervisor the police officer came and took the incident report. He informs me normally it takes at least 3 business days to get the report he files with the official letterhead from the precinct. 3 business days from this morning is Wednesday 11/28. That is past my deadline so I explained that to him and thankfully he gave me some numbers to call and stress urgency to on Monday. Of course I also call paypal and explain the situation and they say that no deadline extensions will be given until I have some written form from a law enforcement agency explaining a need for more time.

So right now I am waiting to see how it goes. I have only had to file a police report one other time, and it seemed back then I had a lot better support.

The guy on ebay did tell me he wanted to be “my Hero” and call me back saying he had the user successfully removed. That would be nice haha. I am not holding my breathe though.

Here’s the card in hand that the seller used the photos from Rusty.

That link is too old a sale to show the photo but was directed from this link which shows the photo,

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I figured it had been, but usually when you see a $500 Charizard in newly listed you jump on it haha. It was a quick purchase I made to try and snag before someone else did. It was foolish on my part to jump so quick, but I did knowing that usually paypal/ebay have this kind of thing covered.

Exactly, as would most people on this forum. Hindsight takes a back seat and your reaction instincts kick in lol. And yeh the fact that ebay and paypal will always be there is a nice cushion to fall back on that people used to.

The video is unavailable by the way

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I couldn’t see the video either but, I actually did see that listing right after listed but noticed two different cards pictured and new seller so passed.
Sorry he got you though Rusty:(

Persons banned though.

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Ugh that sounds terrifying. You gotta spend money to make money and sometimes risks pay out. Sorry it backfired this time man.

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Sounds like a huge headache, definitely would make me think twice before buying these too good to be true listings in the future

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So after all the calls to both ebay and paypal, with everyone telling me nothing else could be done until I filed the official police report - I get an email stating the appeal was decided in my favor Sunday morning. No reason was given at all and I have not supplied any additional information.

I am happy about it for sure - it saves me from spending today on the phone with county government officials and then traveling down there. It is very strange that this case would suddenly be decided in my favor by paypal though.