Vending Bill's PC Question

Does anyone know which sheet # Bill’s PC was on for the 1st edition of Vending series 3?

I know that for the second edition, Imakuni’s PC was on sheets 12, 16, and 17. I’m assuming the Bill’s PC is on at least one of these sheets in the first edition. Does anybody know? I’m curious because I happen to have first edition sheet 17 and that would be awesome if it was Bill’s PC!

Thanks in advance!


Don’t open the 1st print runs of the sheets. Even if you get the Bill’s PC it’s worth more still sealed, and would be a better option to just buy the Bill’s PC separate. With that said it’s sheet 16 and 17 that have Bill’s PC.

The second print run all the Bill’s PC were changed to Imakuni’s PC. Which is why 16 and 17 don’t have Bill. I assume Media Factory changed it because they didn’t need the Bill’s PC after the promotion was over.

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How can you tell it’s a 1st edition?

Here’s my silly gripe: Why is the trade-in card always referred to as “Bill’s PC” yet the cards that were received in the trade-in are called the “Masaki” promos? Why not call the trade-in card “Masaki’s PC”? Or, the promo cards “Bill’s promos”? The inconsistency of this drive’s me bananas. :relieved:


Hey thanks. I hadn’t visited the vending series page on Bulbapedia in long time so I did not know it had been updated to include the sheet information. This is great. I’m not planning on peeling it, probably will sell it. I haven’t taken a picture of it AJ, but the bottom of a 1st edition is completely different, it’s got a dotted line and the bottom 15% is an olive green and looks like a form that you’re supposed to fill in (probably to do with the Masaki contest).

Japanime, it has always confused me why they’re called masaki promos as well. Hopefully someone on here has some knowledge to enlighten us.

I think a lot of people are taking cues from Bulbapedia when they refer to the card as “Bill’s PC” because Bulbapedia uses the translated names whenever possible in their article titles. Japanese names for the set/promo origins of the cards tend to be retained too e.g. Asobikata Diglett/Dugtrio so perhaps that’s why “Alakazam (Masaki promo)” is the article name format for those pages.

And the general consensus of the community seems to be that the promos themselves are “Masaki promos” so it’d only be confusing for somebody new to refer to them with Bill’s western name.

Yeah you are right. Just realized Bill’s name in Japan was Masaki.

Now it makes sense.

But that’s why it doesn’t make sense. Masaki is the character’s name, and the premium cards are properly called the Masaki Promos.

None of them were ever released in English, so there is no “Bill’s PC” card.

I know, I’m being (playfully) nitpicky. But, grrrrrrr… :rage:

(By the way, it works both ways. In Japan, the Peanuts comic strip is called “Snoopy and Friends.” Aaargghh… :rofl: )


It’s nitpicky but it’s a reasonable nitpick. Unfortunately it happens all the time in translated media because people default to the names they know the characters/places/etc. as most often. Perhaps the connection is not typically made that Masaki is supposed to be A) a character and B) the Japanese name of Bill, and that’s why the promos retain their original name, whereas for the card “Masaki’s PC” the link is more clear because Bill is right in the middle of the artwork.

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Haha Japanime, you should campaign to make Bulbapedia change it to Masaki’s Personal Computer…especially since it was never released in English. There should be no reason to translate it if it was never released in English. And then correct everyone on UPCCC whenever it is referred to as Bill’s PC. You can slowly change everyone’s mind that it’s Masaki’s PC. :blush:

Or call the masaki cards, bills cards…

For the love of Pikachu, no. Please do not call them “Bill’s Promos” or “Bill’s Cards.”

I was thinking “Bill’s Masaki Personal Computer & Friends”
Just to really nail the accuracy.

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You guys don’t entirely need to campaign to Bulbapedia to get a change to happen or an issue to be solved! All you really have to do is mention it to me and I would try to make something happen. I am sort of… in charge of cards and all TCG related matters over there.

That being said, I’m more inclined to rename the pages as (Communication Evolution promo) since the actual promotion of sending in a PC card to get the evolutions was the Communication Evolution campaign (Japanese: 通信進化キャンペーン); (It’s mentioned in the text on the card, and also in official publications I believe.) But with the general consensus going for “Masaki promos”, I’m not entirely sure on what to do.

As for why we’re calling them Masaki promos? Meh, IDK. That was something that existed before I got there, and it was never something I necessarily paid attention to or felt needed to be changed. Well, until now.

I’d say just change it to whatever you feel is most accurate. The Bulbasaur/Squirtle VHS deck was known on Bulbapedia and everywhere else as the “Video Intro Set” for years but the title for that was still changed to a more accurate translation, right?