Vending 3 Extra Cards

Now that I’ve finished my Vending Series 2 set and have all of the cards from the main three Vending sets, I’ve taken more notice at all of the silly “extra” cards that were sold with the Vending 3 sheets that I’ve typically ignored - extra rules, Ooyama and Imakuni? joke cards, and pre-made deck lists.

Over the years I’ve noticed that Ooyama’s Pikachu is worth $20-30+ on eBay, but how about all of the other cards? Is Bill’s PC more valuable because of the Masaki campaign? Are all of the extra rules and deck lists actually worth anything? :thinking:

yea thats true i’m still looking for a bill’s pc since like DJ has said the later waves all had imakuni’s pc on em instead of that one and those are the more common runs we see now

The original Vending 3 sheets with Bill’s PC had a light green area on the back. It was the portion used to fill out information when you sent in for one of the Masaki cards. The Vending 3 sheets with Imakuni’s PC are all dark green on the back.

Here’s a current set for sale that would include the Bill’s PC card.