Hardest to find Vending Series cards?

I have always like the vending series but haven’t ever got into collecting them, however I have been considering it lately. What are some the harder cards to get in the series?

They’re not really that hard to find, but the more expensive ones are going to be Gengar, Machamp, Omastar, Golem, and Alakazam. Those are all of the holos from the set and to obtain them you had to mail in one of their previous forms (Haunter, Machoke, Omanyte, Graveler, and Kadabra) along with the pass card Bill’s PC.


Are you referring to the Vending series 1 through 3? If that’s the case, the above applies as well. The cards aren’t particularly hard to find but there are a few cards that are a bit more expensive such as Pikachu and the two Haunters.

If you’re referring to the Masaki vending cards, Cross’s post applies :wink:.

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The Masaki cards technically aren’t part of the Vending sets, they’re related promos. Bill’s PC likely would be the rarest of the actual Vending cards because so many of them were mailed in as part of the campaign.

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If I remember right (if not someone please correct me) the glossy Pikachu from the WHF prize sheet (#00) only comes on that sheet, which would make that one the rarest. The unpeeled WHF sheet is very tough to find these days. Following that, Bills PC is the second rarest of the peeled sheet cards. When I was buying these it seemed like every set was missing that one Pass card.

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@jkanly . You’re indeed right, the Pikachu only comes from the sheet #00. Although I never had much trouble finding it, and I think I have a few duplicated of it as well. The unpeeled sheet #00 with Pikachu, Mewtwo and Mew is pretty hard to find indeed (I currently see one on eBay for 250 USD).

So the Pikachu and Bill’s PC are probably comparable in terms of how hard they are to find these days.

The cards that were required to send in with Bill’s PC to get the Masaki promos (off-topic: why don’t we call these Bill promos? :wink: ) might also be slightly harder to come by, which are Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter(s), and Omanyte.

Some related facts:

  • The Mew and Mewtwo of sheet #00 were both reprinted (without any visual difference) in the Pokémon Best Song CD set on January 1, 1999, which is why @jkanly only mentioned the Pikachu of the three cards from sheet #00, which wasn’t reprinted later on.
  • The third vending series had two different versions for its sheets. One released on November 24, 1998 and one somewhere in 1999 (don’t know the month / exact date). The first #3 sheets from 1998 included Bill/Masaki at the back; and the second #3 sheets from 1999 didn’t.



I picked up my #00 sheet a few years back. There was some guy that was auctioning one off every couple of weeks and they were occasionally under selling, which is how I got one for like 65 bucks. I also think that WHF pika can occasionally undersell as I grabbed a pSA 9 copy for only 20 bucks.