Value hit on curved cards?

Hello - what would the value hit be on curved cards? I am talking about cards when you lay them flat on a table, there is a “curve” to the card and doesn’t lat completely flat. Not bent or creased, just curved. You guys ever encounter this and would psa dock a lot of points off for that? Does putting a lot of books on top of the cards help? I’m looking to buy a large lot of shadowless cards and a lot of them look to have that curved look. Thank you!

Curved cards are no issue for PSA and will flatten over time in a binder.


My understanding is PSA will not considered a curve as damage. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong here. I have heard some people have had success by placing the card under, say, a heavy book.

My advice: don’t press the card tightly in a leaf press between two corrugated sheets of cardboard…


Penny sleeve + 24 hours under a modem = flat card


Thanks! I din’t know it was that easily solved. Awesome.

Yes many times a card comes out of pack curved and can be flattened.

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