US / Canada middleman

Hey all!

I’ve just bought a decently expensive card (English Mew Gold Star) from ebay.
However, the seller isn’t able to ship to me (Norway), but he is willing to use a middleman.
The seller is situated in Canada, so I guess a canadian middleman would be preferable / cheapest, but someone from the US should work fine aswell. Anyone here on the forum that can help me out?

I can help you out if you want, I’m from Manitoba, Canada. PM me.

Why isn’t he able to ship to you? Did he undercharge for shipping costs? Shipping to Norway is expensive AF from Canada.

Well he is able, but he said it would be 60-70 CAD with tracking, which is way more than someone in the US would pay. Luckily I found a middleman in the US so it’s working out.

if you purchased the card from ebay and paid for it, it is his responsibility to ship. It is his responsibility to find a middleman if he wont post to you.However if this is on you, asking to ship to lower costs not paid yet, fair enough.

You said he is in Canada…why would a canadian or us middleman help? I dont understand the issue :confused:

What why would it be that expensive for a single card? What’s the cards value? He can just send it in a bubble mailer as registered and that would be under 30 bucks.

Canada Post is stupid, if you would like to go look at rates for yourself

Its cheap without tracking but once you want that it gets pricey and they charge up the ass for it.

for a normal envelope registered mail its $20 but cannot be more than 5mm thick. anything bigger has to be a parcel.

Im not the seller, just a fellow Canadian

You can ship in a large envelope with registered mail which would cost $23.90.
It can be 20mm thick which is more than enough for a graded card and I’m assuming the weight would only be 30-50 g
That’s considering you don’t need any insurance though.

He’s probably not far off from that price range. Canada Post unfortunately are really a bunch of crooks. I used to sell 100 card lots on ebay where I would just put 2-3 stamps on the package and drop them in the mailbox and they would ship fine for about 8 months until they started coming back for insufficient postage. The packages were always under 0.200kg and within the dimensions of “letter mail” postage which only costed $2.95. I went to Canada Post to try and ship and they told me the cheapest option they had was about $15!!! I went back with a printed off copy from their website showing them they had to send my package under letter mail if it’s within the dimensions and only then they started charging me the proper amount. They always tried to rip me off and if you don’t know any better they really won’t help you out (this is at several different locations as well not just one). About a year ago a new shipping store opened up by my house that actually uses the AMERICAN postal service which is waaaay cheaper. I can send tracked packages to the states for $4 (Canada Post is about $25) and anywhere in the world for $13. This place has been booming in business and have been opening more locations cuz people are realizing what a ripoff the Canadian Postal system is. Anyways I think my point is that the dude probably isn’t lying about tracking international through Canada Post being that much, but he should’ve figured that out before listing lol.