America middle-man eBay

I was wondering if anyone would help me out and be a middle man on eBay for me. The seller is in USA but won’t ship to AUS. It’s juts a cheap card but one I want to get graded. is good for mail forward service. They can consolidate shipments and send pictures to you before they ship. I have been using their services for 7+ years.

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I may or may not have be under the influence while writing this lol.

:rofl: :rofl:

Why buy a cheap card, have a middle man do the work, pay international shipping to Australia all just to send it back to the states just to grade a cheap card? Plus, after all that, there’s no guarantee it’s even worth grading in its actual condition.

Can you link the listing? Maybe it’s a card someone here has and you can let them make a few bucks.


Mason middles for a few australians on here including me. I got a 15kg box of stuff he’s middled for me coming tomorrow hopefully.

Hope it’s alright I’m bumping and using your thread :wink:
Also looking for a middleman located in US, it’s a single cheap card, but Global Shipping from eBay is very expensive - hoping someone can help out :blush:

Offer a 20.00 bill or something for their trouble then you both win:)

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I’m Australian and use MyUS:) it’s like $7-10 a month no issues so far