Australian Middle Man


I found an australian eBay seller with quite a few interesting card auctions, but he seems to only ship within Australia.
Are there any of our Australian members who could help out with a middleman service?

I can help you =D @woolsluk will vouge for me xD

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Where are you situated and have you tried contacting the seller as it might be easier for them to just send out to you? It costs $2.75AUD to send around 3-5 cards via letter post with no tracking. Tracking is quite expensive and depending on where you are located starts at around $23AUD (USA) to around $28 (UK & Europe).

I live in Norway, so it would be to Europe. I have contacted the seller but he seems hesitant to send outside of Australia.
I’ll talk a bit more with him and see what I can do.

How would it work if you were to middleman for me @pokemonsyndicate? How much would it cost and how do we do the bidding etc?

I certainly can, pokesynd has been a middleman for me before and there were no issues. He’s a trustworthy guy.

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I don’t really wanna say exactly which cards as they are on auctions, but it’s ex series ex’s.

Pm me, Ill just get you to send monies through paypal, and Ill buy for you, and then when I get it Ill ship for 23aud which you send through paypalingtons aswell =D

It will have tracking for 23 dollans, and I have never ever lost anything to any country when tracking is on them. Plus Ill package it real nice. and put labels return addres on inside of package on the cards ect in bubble wrap, and on the outside box to of course.

I see, is 23 aud the cheapest service available? Cause these cards aren’t super expensive, and it might not be worth it if the shipping will be that expensive.

23 is cheapest with tracking. 7.10 is with no tracking, and I havnt had any troubles really… but there is a mail that might not have arrived safely this time round recently… But its not likely.

If you don’t want to pay for tracking then pay the 7.50. But if it gets lost its your responsibility and you lose all.

Yeah sending without tracking should be fine, as this shouldn’t be a super expensive purchase. Would it be okay for you if I bought the cards and had the seller ship them to you? Easier for me if I can do the bidding myself, as all the cards are on auction and not BiN.

Yeah that is fine. Ill pm you my address once you sorted it out. But yeah as @garyis2000 the risk is yours. But honestly I might just cover the tracking lol, if the cards are nice and minty it will be worth it xD WILL SEE!

Just a heads up tracking to Norway will cost $28.50AUD


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Might want to ask the seller if he would be willing to send the cards to an address other than the one linked to your paypal before you bid, as paypal does not offer seller protection if items are not sent to the address linked to the paypal used to purchase the items

Yeah good point, but i suppose he can add my address after he wins to his paypal/ebay checkout part.

Sending ‘anything’ out of Australia is sooo expensive :slightly_frowning_face:

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Not really, just sent 3.6kg express to the US for $88.

I’m sure that would cost more if it were reverse localities.

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