Unseen Forces card differences - Information requiered

Hi All,

So someone has just posted a picture of the Energy search card from Unseen Forces, i know about the factory codes but these had different copyright dates both cards are the same with the same factory code but one is dated 2005 and the other is dated 2006.

I thought these where from a from the theme decks but i watched the opening of one of them and all the cards had the 2005 date.

Does anyone know where these came from.


I should have added does anyone know what cards he the 2 different copyright dates

I think this question can be answered similarly to one I asked not too long ago


Hope this clarifies things for you.

Thanks for the reply i cant seem to find any of the 2006 prints in the theme decks and the unseen forces cards don’t appear to show up in the ex Master Trainer decks. this is what is confusing me i don’t seem to be able to find any information on the unseen forces cards in particular

I would take a guess that the 2006 version would have been in theme decks. Have you confirmed that they are not?
The next set print for that card is D&P which is (C)2007.
Almost all 2006 released theme decks had that card in them (Legend Maker → Dragon Frontiers)…
Pity the theme deck openings on youtube are 240p! :slightly_frowning_face:

i never thought of the later theme decks only the unseen forces ones, i will have to check through them now to see of energy search appears in any of them.

ok think i got it but not 100%, they appear to be from the ex Epic collection boxes, there are a number of cards from the unseen forces and they appear to have the 2006 copyright but the video isn’t great. I think they only way to be 100% is if someone has one or i can get hold of one my self.