Unloved Pokemon

I typically zone in on the most popular pokemon, but figured there had to be a ton that I don’t know about. I thought it would be cool for us to post a few Pokemon that seem unloved, or very unpopular. Easiest way for me to broaden my collecting goals :wink:

I am starting off with Aurorus… feel like he/she should be way more popular.


I’ve never even seen that Pokemon before lol


Aurorus is a good example of a Pokémon who was hurt by their in-game practicality. No matter how cool a Pokémon looks, it is difficult to overcome being unusable in-game. Bad typing, bad stats, bad moveset, it was very sad. Aurorus is actually exactly the kind of vibe I like my Pokémon to have. I think this is a very classic looking creature. But you can’t develop a relationship with a Pokémon that’s not fun to use.

On the topic of fossils, Carracosta is another one I really like that suffers a similar fate. It only has 4 cards and none of them are particularly good. I guess this one is the coolest one but there’s not much to choose from. But I like the look of this Pokémon a lot.


Onix from a video game usability standpoint is…bad. His only holo card in the TCG is the recent GX from Hidden fates.

His evolution on the other hand helped round him out a little better in the game and has some absolute bangers in the TCG


Dusclops, Banette, Exploud, and Corsola are all criminally underrated Pokemon, IMO.


Let me see a show of hands of how many people didn’t know that Toucannon existed


I think that New Pokemon Snap did a really good job at giving personality to a lot of pokemon you just dont really think about.




He is a depiction of the duality of man: Round, yet pointy. Order, and chaos. Blue, and yellow.


Without a doubt. I never thought I’d be thrilled by the behaviors of Pokémon like Cacnea but New Snap brought them to life.

I appreciate the reasoning behind Aurorus as I had no idea it sucked in the game. I still don’t even know how to play Pokemon haha!

Never knew this Pokemon existed either! Thank you!

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Yep… I had no idea Toucan Sam was a Pokemon card.

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I’ve been a Pokémon fan on and off my whole life, I’ve played most of the games and I’ve always been pretty up to date on the brand even during my down periods. Prior to getting in to the community element of the TCG (a recent event despite my long history) I just assumed this would be true for most collectors, but I learned pretty quickly this is not true at all. There’s a lot more people who stick to their stuff and aren’t really immersed the other arms of the brand. It’s cool to interact with people who relate to Pokémon completely differently from how I do and the different perspectives that produces.

Apologies for the little diversion, just something I enjoy.


My favorite part is that they didn’t even change anything. It’s just a regular toucan lmfao

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I used to have a snow warning team on pokemon showdown with this guy on it. We made it to #1 on the ladder briefly


Being a species collector of a unloved Pokemon could make a unique collection. Imagine being the #1 Collector of a entire species.


Found these now haha

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I like Aurorus. Unpopular Pokemon imo is Mr.Mime, and I’m glad it’s that way. Wished it was never designed. I hate it, it and it’s evolution chain. I hate Mr.Rime even more. I would catch one just to torture it till it dies and then move to the next catch. Should’t exist.


@nish, I finally know what your avatar is


@papafrankgod, I just laughed way too hard at that! That was seriously dark! HAHAHAHA!

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