Unique Pokémon Card Backs

Hi there E4,

I’m looking to set up a rather unorthodox display showcasing all the different card backs we’ve seen throughout the history of the official Pokémon TCG. If any of you have a card back that comes to mind that isn’t on my list, feel free to share! I’m looking for mass produced, regular-sized (63.0 mm by 87.0 mm) official Pokémon TCG card backs only, so I won’t consider the match prints, jumbo cards or miniatures.

Total count so far (23)

  1. 1996-2002 Japanese Old
  2. 1998 Japanese Old (Holofoil - Exchange Please! Promo)
  3. 1998 Japanse Vending Series (Diglett/Squirtle/Pikachu/Charmander/Mew/Bulbasaur/Clefairy)
  4. 1999-2019 English
  5. 1999 Ancient Mew
  6. 1999 Trainer Deck A
  7. 1999 Trainer Deck B
  8. 2002-2019 Japanese New
  9. 2004 World Championships 2004
  10. 2005 World Championships 2005
  11. 2006 World Championships 2006
  12. 2007 World Championships 2007
  13. 2008 World Championships 2008
  14. 2009 World Championships 2009
  15. 2010 World Championships 2010
  16. 2011 World Championships 2011
  17. 2012 World Championships 2012
  18. 2013 World Championships 2013
  19. 2014 World Championships 2014
  20. 2015 World Championships 2015
  21. 2016 World Championships 2016
  22. 2017 World Championships 2017
  23. 2018 World Championships 2018

Thanks in advance!


There’s that one (but it’s a jumbo)


Not sure you would classify these, but the Tropical Mega Battle Phone Cards.

They have normal Pokemon Card fronts, but the back is a phonecard design.


If these “Not for Play Use” backs exist on regular size cards, I’ll append it to the list. Fingers crossed.

Not a TCG card and therefore it doesn’t qualify. I do adore the TMB phone card trio though, very unique collectible in the hobby.

You probably don’t include all of them since some are misprints or sample prints, but here all cards with other backs I know of besides the ones you already have in your list:

Oh, and the Miniature Phone Charms apparently have regular (although very tiny) backs. And the Acrylic lottery cards have regular backs as well.
And then you of course have misprints like this Gastly (although I’m not sure if I should consider this it’s front or back :laughing: ). Ik, ik, you won’t include misprints, otherwise miscut cards or black and white back imprinted stamps could be considered as well. Just thought it was worth sharing. :blush:



Thanks for the detailed quality post. Amazingly informative as always. I’ll have to edit my initial post and refine my parameters to include only the regular-sized Pokémon TCG cards (63.0 by 87.0 mm) for the sake of uniformity. It seems all of the card backs you suggested, of which I didn’t even know some existed, are of irregular size and therefore won’t make it on the list. Thanks for chiming in though!

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