Uniqlo "Fat" Pikachu promo cards

Here’s the advertisement for the Uniqlo Pikachu promo cards. These are already going for insane prices (about $100 a set) on eBay. (The card AND pajama shirt only cost 980 yen).

I love the artwork — it’s the return of the “fat” Pikachu!

These always start out expensive. I see no way for them to, long-term, maintain any sort of price over $15. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after talking to several different people here and comparing it to trends in other cards.

That said, I love the cards. They’ve been on my list since the news of them first hit the internet. I simply have to have a PSA 10 set so that I can put them on stands and rest them amidst some garland along my mantle. I cannot shake this image.

In addition to the return of the Pikachu of our beloved eras, there is something else of note in these cards. All four cards are illustrated by different artists, and yet each one captures a sense of wonder in Pikachu’s face. Not just joy, not just happiness, but a raw amazement. The kind of deeply satisfying happiness one gets in taking a deep breath at the peak of a mountain. This is precisely why this set of promos out does every Pikachu promo that has been produced in a long time. The card set is produced by different illustrators, features both male and female Pikachu, shows them in different locations, shows them experiencing different things, but embodies the singular sense of wonder that unifies collectors, fans, hobbyists, players, and other extensions of the greater Pokemon community, regardless of location, gender, or experience.

These cards say: “Happy Holidays,” but they also say “The community is never forgotten.”

And that is why this set of promos deserves a place in everyone’s collection if they believe in the value of collecting in the context of a community.


very well said monkey. amazing cards im gonna be getting them when i can. even tho they are limited i always find it odd they go down lower then the cost to get them

I heard from my amigo in Japan that there were 1000 count boxes produced of these cards. I’m trying to get one box now and it’s already resold. I’d be a little wary of paying too much for these;)

I really can’t wait to get them but prices are truly insane now u_u

I remember when Pitch’s Pikachus cards came out and the prices were really high too. People were paying like 100-120$ for the set of two cards on Ebay. And now you can buy those two for about 30-35$ with shipping (I’m tlaking about Ebay). And from what I see it happens to all new promos so patience is the key…

So yeah, I will wait till I could buy the whole set for about 40$.

Btw all four artworks are great and I can’t even choose my favourite one, I’m so happy with the fact that there are all those new Pikachu promos (my wallet isn’t as happy as I am)

Definitely. My guess is you’ll be able to get them for even less — perhaps $5 per card — within a couple of weeks. The prices on eBay made me laugh.

The artwork really does look amazing, though. Especially the “outdoor” illustrations. Too bad UNIQLO clothing is crap. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well it has only been 3 days?
There is still plenty of time for them to go down in price :blush:

Especially if there are 5000 available (I can’t read the second kanji so I’m simply assuming)

As much as I love these cards, and the multitudes of Pikachu promos…

I’m kind tired of seeing the same Pokemon as a spokesperson for the franchise and have been feeling like it’s long overdue for another starter/non-fully evolved Pokemon to get the spotlight.

In the immortal words of Scott Steiner: HE’S FAT

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Yes and no, I’m actually glad we’re still seeing a “vanilla” Pokemon as the mascot, I’d hate to see any of the freaks from No252 on forward.

What I don’t understand however is why they decided such a common Pokemon to be the mascot, wouldn’t Mew be a better choice? Or any other legendary for that matter, kinda like the Pokemon League having Moltres as its unofficial mascot in the anime.

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I think Gyarados would be pretty awesome :>

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The Pokemon franchise will NEVER stop using Pikachu as it’s main mascot/marketing focus, the franchise, and even Japan itself, has become so synonymous with Pikachu’s face it’d be the worst decision ever to stop that.


What are you talking about @milhouse

No one likes pikachu…


said no one ever :stuck_out_tongue:


@kubek, you know a way right through my heart. :stuck_out_tongue: Though Gyarados is becoming more and more used in promotions and such since it has the highlight of being the first Shining Pokemon featured. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re exactly right on this. It will never stop.

However, I’d just like to see some Pokemon get card highlights at least, you know? Make some special promos of the original starters, for example. Make Bulbasaur build a snowman with its vines. Charmander roasting chestnuts over his tail. Squirtle creating an ice fort with his water gun.

You know… the simple things in life. Is that too much to ask for? ; - ;


@azulryu - The sad reality is that most kids nowadays don’t even know who those pokemon are… I mean, they do, but not like we did. We knew the tenacious bulbasaur, timid charmander and cool squirtle on Ash’s team whereas the only real chance they get to see them is on the TCG…
If they were to do something like that, it would need to be Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie.


Anyways, let’s get back on topic!

I sometimes wish I liked Pikachu, because I really love the different themes the Pokemon is placed in. Over the years I went from being “Eh” about the Pokemon, to generally liking it because of the different TCG promos and art concepts.

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Really awesome cards to collect~!

This one is Pikachu promo as well so I’ll ask in this thread.

What do you think about 24,50$ shipped for newest Mega Tokyo Pikachu?
People are going crazy about those again :nerd_face:

(it look’s like I’m always asking about the price of the newest Pika promos… but I’m just curious what do you guys think :> and I don’t want to overpay of course)

the full art promo started out at around $50, and now you can get them for around $25 :stuck_out_tongue:
So this one will probably go down significantly in a short while as well.

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Even the anniversary FA Pika went down to around that before shooing up to absurd prices.