Unhappy ebay buyer

Long story short, a ebay user (might be on upccc as well, don’t really care) won at auction my PSA 10 english goldstar Mewtwo. Naturally the card arrives at her home 2-5 days after my auction ends. I receive a message from her and the run down is

“The Mewtwo gold star card seems to have a slight bit of white on top left corner. Also a tiny spec of white on both bottom corners. Is this normal for a psa 10 because I have another one that has no such problems. I would not even message you if this was a 9 because this looks more like a 9 than a 10.”

The card looks like this when I ask for a picture of it

Additionally she mentions there is a thin white line on the top of the card that is not visible on camera (Not worth uploading that picture) and now would like a full refund. I’m not too sure how to deal with this situation as this has never occurred before. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

wow that is a very observant buyer. personally, if psa gave it a 10 and its registered as a 10, its a ten to me! i understand that graded cards can experience minor damage while inside the psa casing and if she can’t handle the almost microscopic spec then i guess you might have no choice but refund it.

i would talk to them a bit more but i think she would be stern, considering the descriptive nature of her message and the fact she took photos of something so miniscule in my opinion.

It looks like the Sour Grapes is the place to be tonight. :wink:

I have actually had this exact situation occur with multiple people. Some people are hyper critical of cards, this looks like one of those people. However, I assume ebay will probably side with the buyer. Here is a factual chart displaying the probability of eBay siding with the buyer vs seller:


the sale was for a psa 10 card, and thats what she received, i personally wouldnt let her return

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Here is my advice, as someone who is hyper critical (@smpratte, 2015) of condition:

In everything you do for situations like this, remain calm and professional. Anything else can be used against you if this is escalated to a claim. But explain to her that the card you sold is in PSA 10 condition, and that it still fits the exact description of a PSA 10 card per the PSA website.

If she has problems with it - PSA can take the loss as per @garyis2000.

If she is allowed to refund the card, she may harass other buyers over nonsense like this in the future.

I don’t see a problem with the card and I generally catch scratches, edge wear, and printing errors that PSA frequently misses. That said, I would be perfectly thrilled to own a card in that condition. Nothing is perfect. Nor does a PSA 10 guarantee perfection. Only that the card is virtually flawless with a minor allowance for an imperfection that does not affect aesthetic value. Hope my opinion is useful in guiding your decision.

P.S. I mean no offense to the buyer if any of my verbiage came off too bold.

P.P.S. I’ll buy the card if she returns it (pending the price, of course).

If I were the buyer and was unhappy with the condition, I would be more upset with PSA than the seller. However, I think if you look close enough on most english cards, you will find a white dot more often than not.


Thanks @smpratte @soulwind @1by1collector and @acebren

@soulwind, I don’t think I would have found the words myself to explain what you just did to the user. I’ll move forward with this heeding your advice.

@smpratte Dat graph though lol, It’s been a pretty tough week in terms of sales, so thanks for that chuckle XD

Oh wow, what a nitpicker.

I’ll agree with thoughts of @smpratte . You should explain her politely it’s in the end psa’s responsibility to determinate grades, not customer’s. Don’t see any good reason why you should refund anything.

What she describes fits within the PSA 10 parameters. Inexperienced collectors often think a 10 means “perfect” which you’ll never find with an English Pokemon card (except my Black Label BGS Khan ofcourse lol).

PSA will only refund the difference in value if deemed, apon review, that the card is mis-graded.

I’d link her to this thread. It could help educate her. Then if she still wants refund…do it:)

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I’d simply tell her, “No problem. Please return the card to me (via trackable mail) and I will issue you a full refund.” If she asks whether you will also pay for the return shipping, agree to do that as well.

Then, once you receive the card back, add her to your “blocked buyers” list, and never give it a second thought.

You’ll be out the cost of postage, but at least you’ll have the card back and can eventually sell it to somebody who really will appreciate it.


Been there, done that. :stuck_out_tongue:

My margins are too small to take losses over things that need not be issues. :\ Customer satisfaction is hugely important to me, but buyers need to have reasonable expectations (and most expectations are pretty reasonable). @japanime also gave great advice IMO.

Geez that is ridiculous. And as was said, her complaints sound within the range of what a 10 is lol. Especially for an english card. Ive never met someone so critical of condition that they question the dots on their psa 10s.

Why bother collecting, when you are that picky? A majority of cards fail your standard, and not finding cards you like is depressing to me.


I would personally not accept a refund. As the seller, you delivered on your part of the agreement, delivering a PSA 10 card. I agree with everyone who says this is an issue with PSA and not with you as a seller. If she is unhappy with PSA’s grading standards then she should not buy PSA cards. Perhaps only the BGS 10 Khan owned by @garyis2000 would fit her standards. Or she should go work for BGS.

I wonder what she would find wrong with this card…


probably a little bit too centered for her liking lmao

It’s absolutely reasonable to have a flaw on a Gem Mint card. It’s paper for goodness sake…
If I really looked I could find a flaw in any card I have. Gem Mint is still a range of conditions. You just have to accept that in this hobby.
We used to have this problem with raw cards, but now graded cards? Seriously? Isn’t that why we grade them?

That is a good point, Gem Mint is still a part of the range. The highest point of the range, yet still part of the range.

There are strong examples and weak examples of each grade. I think if a buyer were to detail that they prefer a stronger PSA 10 example, that is somewhat more reasonable. However, that could easily turn into a buyers remorse slippery slope.

Tell them to take that Mewtwo Gold Star…shine it up real nice…