Umbreon Star 70000exp play
I saw this and I could not believe how cheep this went. is this the new price of play cards. what is it’s value, I thought it was 1000 but this made me reconsider.

dont be surprised if that card goes for that little.someone on ebay has been trying to get rid of his promos that includes all 5 gold stars and yet no one bids on it.

could you send me that link?

Yeah I know that guy, he offered them to me but they are going pretty low right now.

But I would say its worth more than that auction ended. Not the outrageous $2,000 you see on ebay but if it was better advertised it would of brought in more.

I have a friend that is selling 06-07/PLAY, 022-026/PLAY, all sealed in original plastic for $1000. I think I might go for it. That sounds pretty reasonable, right?

That alright for both of them. Personally I would find it hard to drop a grand on newer cards, especially when there are so many cool old school promos out there that you can scoop up for that price.

I agree Mike, the older promos are where its at! Also I think why I just do not care for those play cards is because the illustrations are in english. The best prize cards are the ones with unique illustrations, at least in my opinion.

I agree with the whole illustration thing. Re-printed cards also generally devalue the originals somewhat too.

I’ll hold off, maybe wait and see if I can get the whole set for cheaper. Or maybe I’ll buy an old Japanese promo.