Uh oh, Busted!



is that your username they’re pointing out?

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Middleman service.

In a nutshell, what are they saying? Translators don’t make any sense…haha.

Basically that us foreigners are making these cards expensive. :confused:

*The market is making cards expensive.

That person should get an ebay account and find out that prices are the same if not more expensive.

Can we rewind a few years ago to 07-09 when the market was dirt cheap?! I miss my $500 unikarps and trophy khans!

Says everyone. :blush:

It is weird how that period is becoming nostalgic. But I am glad that pokemon is doing well and the popularity has grown. Even if they are living up to their name as “pocket monsters”.


I wish I had money to collect pokemon cards =/

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What? You guys collect Pokemon cards? :blush: Who in his right mind would do such a thing?

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As the title says:

“Uh-oh, busted!”

you found out I lie!

I wish I was more a collector and less a hoarder;) I just opened an old box and found 50 plus Japanese sets pre 2000 along with thousands and thousands and thousands of singles. Now I’m trying to organize them and my living room looks like it belongs on Hoarders. My wife wants to kill me.