Trusted a New Seller -- Need Advice on Next Step

Hey everyone, want to explain the situation and see if anyone can provide some insight on if my next step is the right step.

So a little over a month ago, I purchased a 1st Ed. Shining Gyarados to replace my current one that’s in less than NM Condition. I was hesitant at first because the seller was a new seller. However, they were selling a few different things and had one successful item sold with a positive rating. I went ahead and gave an offer for the card and they accepted.

I purchased the card on December 2nd and the shipment date suggested I would see the card on the 11th of the same month.

I normally avoid new sellers, but have had luck with trusting two others in the past and have even offered selling advice if they ever needed it, or suggested alternatives and warnings. When I first started selling, I had to create a new account because I started out pretty roughly and didn’t know the rules of ebay, so I like to give new sellers a chance.

However, after he said he would ship it that day, I waited two weeks. I figured that, because it was over Christmas, it might take a bit longer. However, I begun to worry for several different reasons. 1. I had already had an item stolen from my apartment and thought maybe it was the case in this situation. 2. It typically doesn’t take more than a week and a half for anything in the inner United States to be mailed.

I was upset, least to say, but anyone who has done previous business with me should know how patient I am. I felt a bit off continuing trusting this guy but the story sounded believable and I checked the area he was in and did see that a storm had hit that area and so I believed him. I gave him one more chance and asked for tracking.

He never gave me tracking info, but did say that it was successfully shipped.

However, it’s been a little over a week. I’m thinking that if I don’t receive the item by tomorrow, I should request a refund.

I also am worried because during this time, he has received 1 positive rating, and 1 negative rating from someone else who did not receive their item because it was “never shipped on time”.

I want to give this seller the benefit of the doubt, because typically you wouldn’t see such communication between a scammer, or you wouldn’t see any activity from them either. I try to branch out communication to sift out potential scammers since they typically give red flags, but this guy hasn’t given me enough to completely wipe him off my list. But after waiting over a month for this card, I’m wondering if I’ll ever get it at all and whether I should just ask for a refund at this point if I don’t get it by tomorrow.

I think that is pretty reasonable. You can’t expect him to get mad. It’s been a few weeks.

Devin. You have the patience of a saint lol.
It seems reasonable to ask for a refund directly through PayPal and hope they hold the funds. His tactics are stall worthy like he’s waiting for the money to clear.


File a case with eBay. Show them the emails.

open a case, taking one month to ship is absurd


Stop contemplating your own thoughts. You know he has stepped over the line and is just plain dicking you around. It sucks, you want the card but sometimes just have to let it go. I just opened two cases myself in the past few days and its funny how quick I received a response vs just normal messaging.

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File a case and get your money back ASAP, guy seems to be scamming you.

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You have shown him great support and understanding, far more than I would. Theres absolutely no excuse… needs to get top loaders, needs to get bubble mailers etc… a seller should have everything ready before listing an item. Id file an item not recieved report on ebay. Please keep us updated on your progress with this!

Better hurry up and open a case. After a month you cant get a refund on an item.

I nearly got scammed myself

My last case was opened past a month, but you should not push your luck.

Actually, the seller can manually issue the refund from their PayPal account within 60 days of the original transaction. After that, if the seller wants to issue a refund, they can only send it through the Send Payment section. However, buyers can open a PayPal dispute against the seller up to 180 days after the original transaction… Either way, buyers are pretty safe using PayPal.

OT: You are pretty patient! I myself usually don’t message the seller for the first 10 days after my purchase. If I notice that they haven’t uploaded any tracking info or they haven’t contacted me by the 11th day, I then send them a PM asking for any updates regarding the purchase. If they don’t reply soon after that, I just open a PayPal dispute and let it play outtoo
So yeah, you should open the PayPal claim and get your money back. I think anyone here who has sold in the past understands that sometimes stuff happens and you aren’t able to ship as soon as both you and the buyer would like. However, once you put the listing up on eBay and your item sells, it is your responsibility to get the item to the seller asap, and 1 month for a domestic transaction seems like to long of a wait, IMO.

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I’m 99% sure you can open a case within 6 months now. PayPal extended their window.


You are 100% correct.

So an update.

Didn’t get the card (surprise surprise) and opened up a case.

A few hours later, I checked back on his profile again. He is now no longer a registered user. I still have his paypal info and email, however.

trevogundlac-0 is his name. So keep an eye out for him in future sales.

Oh no! Sorry to hear this shit happened to you.

Sad stuff, shouldn’t need to happen… Well well, there’s more fish in the ocean and you’ll surely get your Shining Gyarados if you fish for long enough! :wink:


Lesson learned definitely. For those who have had similar experiences, have you been able to get a refund even when someone is no longer a registered user?

Yep, you should be fine and not have a issue.


PayPal can still reach into their bank account.


Problem is, you’ll never retrieve the time lost not to mention the heartache paid.

Next time steer clear of sellers until they prove themselves at other’s expense.

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