Trophy Kangaskhan

Hey everyone, wondering your thoughts on the Trophy Kangaskhan. Since the TV series apparently aired in Japan, these have popped up all over YJ for a short period.

My question to you all is, I am no money bags, but I would really love to get one. For the cheapest copies possible, what would you assume to pay for this card at the current market? From shilled auctions, to people making false claims, how many copies do you think there are? And how much do you think they should go for?

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Trophy Khans appear relativlely frequently in terms of trophy/prize cards, in saying that though they never go 'cheap. A played copy sold recently for 6.7k.

So you’re the one that has been blessing fb groups with great pulls.

Well, the supply is no longer there and believe it or not, every ungraded copy that was between $6k-$10k were all absorbed. I think 4 copies on yahoo and another 4 on Mercari? So I’d say the baseline is $6k for an ungraded one.

With an already graded copy, you have the recent one that ended at $6700 on eBay but that was confirmed shilled by a known shill bidder. Not sure if the seller, with a shill bidding past had affected the bids on there. Personally I’d say $6k for an ungraded and $6500 for a graded copy in any condition as of today. Things might change moving forward if the supply stays low.

As to how many is out there, it’s anyones guess since it was awarded based on how many rounds you win and not only given to top placers. I have seen more than 20 ungraded copies over 2 years and I’m sure there is more out there. Still a desirable card though.


Two copies on Mercari, both with very large creases on them, sold for around $5500 within a few hours of being listed.

And a PSA 8 sold for around $12,500 on a Japanese Card site as well.

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The PSA 6.5 copy was confirmed shilled? The price seems to match up with estimates in this thread.

I was wondering that too. Seems to be around the price I’d pay…if I sold off my current collection. :wink:

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Sorry I should not have said ‘100% confirmed’, it should have been ‘most probably confirmed’ since shill bidding can only be based on circumstantial evidence so let’s look at them.

  1. Top bidder had 3 bids, 100% activity with the seller. (first red flag but it could be because the bidder actually didn’t bid on anything else in a 30 day period).

  2. Second highest bidder received a second chance offer in less than 2 days, which is earliest to open a case when a committed buyer has not made payment, and thus determining that the buyer is not serious. (speaks to the top bidder being an inside bid, or the top bidder messaged the seller saying that he/she does not intend to pay right after the auction ended)

  3. The owner of the Khan (not the seller, two different people) has been very open about receiving private offers up to $8500 and is willing to accept a $9000 offer but still decides to take it to eBay, at the time is having a £1 final value fee offer (speaks to intention to shill).

  4. The seller has a shill bidding history (I just learnt this the other day and it saddens me) and I don’t think has come forward to admit and be open to change.

Shill bidding can never be 100% confirmed so I apologize if that sounded like an accusation. However it is confirmed that the Khan had been bidded up by someone not intending to pay, whether that was shill bidding or just some other bidder, we will never know. But with a shill bidding history, it will always be a boy cry wolf scenario.


@chok thank you, I appreciate the info

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As you said, all circumstantial evidence, so hard to say for sure. all your reasons are not absolute proof. #4 is the strongest case, which lends the most credibility to your theory. the fact that he would give a second chance offer is funny if he already got a much higher private offer beforehand…

However, it is eBay’s fault for not implementing a better system. they seem to be okay with taking the risk, which mostly falls on the seller in this case.

I think if the price is right, then go for the card! it’s a nice one~

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the 6.5 is being offered to one of my friends right now


wasn’t this card just sold at auction?

The card is still being offered to people privately.

Immediately after the auction ended a friend was given a 2nd chance offer for the card via eBay.

It was indeed shilled.


Why is every damn Khan shilled

Sources tell me the card sold privately. No price confirmed yet.

Any word on the status of the card, and if it has sold what the price is?


Ahh forgive me. I meant what price the PSA 6.5 sold for.

The seller told me it still sold for around 6.5k!

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Here’s an ungraded one for sale currently that looks to be in ok condition.

Marked as mint…big chip at top…!

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