Translation (Japanese to English) Please


Can someone translate this for me? I got it with my Zorua/Zoroark Design Contest Cards, just wondering what it says.

Does anyone who this signature belongs to?

Thanks guys!


The paper basically just talks about the contest and stuff

The signature from my knowledge isn’t anyone. From what I’ve looked for it is to the name at the bottom, and the name in block letters, if I am right in my assumption says イアケン (laken) though I might be wrong?

@mavericknate @japanime

Okay, thanks I thought it had to do with the contest. Does it say anything specifically about these two cards? The piece of paper came with the Design contest chosen (Winner’s) cards (2 card set), not the 13 card illustration set (ones with the gold lettering).

And thank you for trying to translate the name. I won it in an auction awhile ago, I’m hoping it is someone famous that signed it.