I’m sorry if its been asked before but is there anyway to tell the difference between them?

I can’t find a definitive picture of the trade please promos to compare but from what I’ve heard they are exactly the same.

Can anybody confirm this or provide alternate information?

Exactly the same, just as Mew and Mewtwo from the 1997 WHF sheet #00. I really hate that they did that, they could’ve done some awesome art for them.

Yup, exactly the same. I would give my right arm to buy a sealed campaign set…althought I’m not sure what they were given out in?

you had to send it and get a random card sent back. I’d really love a way to distinguish these card reminds me of masaki cards the whole send 2 cards in get an awesome card with awesome artwork.

i guess we’ll never be able to identify them its a shame