Toys R Us promo - February 3, 2018

Stufful holofoil card


Love that card. Gonna get one!

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Jangmo-o card

Im confused. What happened to the stufful holo card?

Nevermind, i think that was the last promo, some months ago, and i should have it. I am tired.


Glad they are still doing these events, reminiscent of the original WOTC days!

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I hope they dont have something like the lego pokeball this time. What a S#!T show last event. I like these because its the only public trade type event around here and its fun. Reminds of the school yard trading days. Thanks for the heads up.

Toys r us are closing 20% of their stores so check to make sure your local store will still be open.

Here’s the list of closures.

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Looks like they are closing the Babies R Us near me and not the TRU. On the news I heard that select Babies R Us and Toys R Us will be combined into one store to cut back on the costs, which makes sense.

I’m already losing my childhood FYE this week due to closure and didn’t want Toys R Us to be next. The only store left for games and physical media near me is Best Buy, who knows how long they’ll last?

TRU prices are the highest, that’s the problem.

Pricing depends on the product. ToysRus usually has the best deals on legos. Sometimes even lower than the actual lego store.

TCG pricing will never be competitive, but that is mainly the fault of distributors.

I disagree. My brother in law bought a lego set he wanted for a while for $59.99 from target, whilst $69.99 at TRU. I also have a difficult time price matching single hot wheels from TRU @$1.09ea. to Walmart’s price of ¢94ea.


Toysrus is definitely not the cheapest physical store, that is most likely always going to be Walmart. But they have occasional crazy LEGO sales. When these do occur they are lower than anyone I’ve experienced.

TCG prices are ridiculous at TRU. The $19.99 collection boxes are $25.99, same with tins. Considering you can get the collection boxes for $13-15 on Amazon within the first week, it makes no sense to support Toys R Us at those prices. They will price match though, keep that in mind.

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Unwillingly, I can’t stress that enough. On multiple occasions and locations, I have experienced rude behavior when I attempt price matching.

The associates at Target and Walmart get pissed when I try and price match too. The only store that doesn’t give me a hard time is Best Buy for whatever reason.

They are just happy to see people.


That will be Toys ‘R’ Us from now on.

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