Top 5 Pokemon that Deserve a New Evolution!

So we’ve all thought of it at some point, about how cool it’d be to see a new evolution of a Pokemon. Or perhaps we’d like to see an alternate evolution because the current one does make sense to our personal appeal? Either way, Name your top 5 Pokemon who are in need of a new evolution and why!

  1. Dragonair

    Despite Dragonite’s awesome stats, move pool, and iconic look, I don’t think it really makes sense from any perspective whether mythological, aesthetic, etc. I think as cute as Dragonite looks, there could have been something more to give for such a strong Pokemon. We already see Dragonair flying in episodes and movies using the wings on its head, why not have a better look for it, and why the sudden color change?

  2. Golduck

    The Psychic Water Pokemon! Except, you know, it’s never recognized as Psychic in the game. I think another look could capture the Psychic aspect of this Pokemon and really transform it into something interesting. Hell, I’d be interested in just seeing what it’s Mega could bring if the time ever came.

  3. Honchkrow

    I think Murkrow’s original design was much better than it’s second evolution, and I was a little saddened that they didn’t hint at a “Raven” being the next evolution. Perhaps we’ll still see a 3rd evolution in the stage. I always imagined Murkrow’s final evolution being something alike to how Houndoom evolved from Houndour, sleek, dark, and deathgazing. Honchkrow does none of that and looks like someone put makeup and a puffed up jacket over the first evolution!

  4. Quagsire

    Based off the Axolotl, Wooper evolves into the Salamander, Quagsire. I still think another step could be placed. A creature that develops from water, moves to land, and then the sky! I’d love to see if there’s some kind of wild and fascinating evolution that transforms it into a type of Dragon, or Dragon body and still maintain it’s Water/Ground typing, perhaps with Levitate as its special ability. I’d love to see a cute dragon form of this salamander.

  5. Braixen

I know, I know. It’ll never happen. Starters NEVER have an alternate version and will never gain one with the exception to a Mega. But I was seriously disappointed in this Pokemon’s final evolution’s design. I was so excited to find out that there would be a Fire/Psychic Starter after Victini that could be considered non-Legendary. But after seeing the design for the final evolution, I was saddened. I think it could have been designed so much better and I hated it so much that I went back and gave Greninja some serious consideration before finding out that it became one of my favorite Pokemon.

With that being said, there’s still many more Pokemon that I had thought of before making this thread, but decided to restrict it to justifications with 5. I’d include Jigglypuff because I think Wigglytuff looks plain wrong with the body of it’s predecessors being ROUND and not OVAL, but that was the only thing I could think of.


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Some of yours are pretty interesting. Particularly the golduck and quagsire.

For me I’d obviously love to see whiscash get a further evolution. Even if the m-evo looks like crap, at least whiscash would get a litle publicity, as it’s often a ‘forgotten’ pokemon. Plus it needs to be able to learn dragon dance again… my hgss whiscash was a TANK.

Ninetales - fire ghost
Porygon z - normal ghost???!?
Farfetched - riduckulous
Hmm maybe a cube electrode?


Farfetch’d – this will never happen because of the mythology of Farfetch’d. Admittedly, now that Hawlucha exists as a Fighting/Flying-type, I can take or leave the idea of a Fighting/Flying-type samurai Farfetch’d evolution.

Corsola – I really want a ridiculous Reefsola evolution. They could literally paste together five Corsola and call it an evolution and I’d think it’s hilarious and would love it. :heart_eyes:

Delcatty – Delcatty’s stats are HORRENDOUS. Like, it has lower stats than most middle evolution stages of Starters. It really feels like a Togetic scenario where it’s screaming for an evolution that’s yet to be granted.

Spinda – Another one that’s less of a want for me now that we have Pangoro to fill the “panda who doesn’t look high on drugs” niche. Still, all base 60 stats are turrible and I think Spinda could have a cool evolution.

Chimecho – Chimecho is another one of my random favorites who I can barely use because its stats leave so much to be desired. I don’t know what would make sense to evolve from a wind chime but I’m sure Gamefreak could come up with something cute/wacky/fun/etc.

I’d also be totally okay with certain Mega Evolutions being retconned into regular evolutions. Think Banette, Mawile, Sableye, etc. Basically anything that isn’t a Mega for a third stage Pokemon. Because how is Pidgeotto → Pidgeot differentiated enough to be a standard evolution but Altaria → Mega Altaria isn’t?

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Cant realy think of any,Farfetch’d is the pokemon that came to my mind,think that would be well cool lol the psychic golduck sounds good!

I knew this thread would be right up Frost’s alley. Hahaha. I agree with the Corsola. Great idea.

I think we shouldn’t try to evolve or mega every pokemon. Let’s revisit stuff and make some retro sets happen.

Some sort of southern island promo set, but then vulcano and sea themed or something. With special art cards/postcards. Multiple pokemon on a card. Special unique holo pattern.

Remember the fossil kabutops holo effect? Looks 3d to me. Wish we had new cards like that.

Or a ken sugimori tribute set? Oooo!

And boxes should be more like the fossil crate version. Maybe a radio active nox, in the set there are mostly ghost and poison pokemon. Or a vault with " shiny " golden pokemon.

Sorry to get off topic a bit.

I can’t think of 5 but I would definitely give it to Marowak and Delibird.


Delibird!!! And qwilfish too

@aj1 well this is more about the video game rather than just the cards, though I’m sure looking at the “New Topics” button may confuse that as I’ve also done in the past. XD

And yes! Qwilfish is in DESPERATE need of an evolution. Also @frost, I greatly agree with your suggestions, especially about Chimecho and Farfetch’d. Two Pokemon I absolutely love the art and personality of, but so much left to be desired for. I think Farfetch’d especially is in need of an evolution. Poor thing has no fear but has little to back up his fury!

I’d also love to see wobuffet get a mega that’s psychic ghost type. Then they could elaborate on the story of its ghost tail thing

I had really had my hopes up for evolutions/Mega evolutions in OR/AS for the following pokes. I hope they get something in the next generations!:

  1. Dunsparce (This little derp needs more love xD)
  2. Rapidash (Would be nice to this thing get Wings of some sort :0)
  3. Castform (It’s cute xD)
  4. Farfetch’d (Needs no explanation)
  5. Qwilfish!
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Yesss. Dunsparce :blush: lol

My top 5:
5)Deoxys: What with the release of ORAS and how Rayquaza just got absolutely insane power, Deoxys needs something to heat up the rivalry. It won’t get it, but I’d love to see it mega evolve and get Stance Change.
4)Arceus: So much for the whole “god pokemon” thing. Just give it a mega like Rayquaza’s where it doesn’t need a stone, boost all the stats and keep Multitype.
3)Dunsparce: No explanation needed.
2)Chimecho: I agree with @frost here. I feel like it could become the next mega Beedrill where when it evolves it gets some insane ability and becomes competitively viable.
1)Regigigas: All I want. Is no more Slow Start. Please. Gamefreak. Y u no do dis.

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mega garbodor - steel/poison

  1. Mega Huntail/Gorebyss
    Probably THE most forgotten pokemon, but both have Gorgeous designs imo.
  2. Mega Flygon
    Give it some kind of reason to be used over Garchomp competitively.
  3. Mega Cofagrigus
    Okay I’m just bias as this is one of my favourites. The possibilities though…
  4. Mega Walrein
    A fatter, icier, more brutal walrus. Neeeeeed.
  5. Mega Hydreigon
    A mecha-Ghidora styled dragon/steel type. Plus no more redic 4x fairy weakness.

I’d like Dragonair to stop evolving, Dragonite is a fun Pokemon but should’ve been left alone as a very rare one with no pre-evolution nor evolution like Kangaskhan.


I actually sort of agree. Dragonair just seems like such a complete design.

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It would be cool to see dragonair get a trade evo like politoed

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A ‘real’ evolution and not a Mega:


Candidates who would probably get a Mega instead:


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A Shuckle evo would be so OP, especially since you could hook up Shuckle itself with an Eviolite (Base 335 D & SpD). It’d be banned so quickly haha

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