Top 3

I’ll just post 5 in no particular order if you don’t mind, since I couldn’t pick just three. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pikachu MATCHPRINT. Only two copies exist in the world, so I’m happy to own one of those. (And its artwork is also among my favorite for Pikachu.) It really represents what it means to go after all Pikachu cards that exist, and how almost impossible that goal is with cards like these. If I ever get my hands on a 1999 SNAP Photo Contest Pikachu, that one will definitely top this one though.

Moltres BGS-BL10 (pop-1). This Pokémon artwork is my favorite of all existing TCG cards, so to own the POP-1 BGS-BL10 is amazing. Really happy to be the owner of this in my collection.

PSA-10 The Masked Royal. When I browse through my Pokémon binders, my Full Art Supporter collection always makes me smile. Although I love my Pikachu, Seviper, and Moltres collections a lot as well, the FA Supporter collection is probably my favorite and I’m glad I decided to start collecting them. This promo in particular is limited to 100 copies, and it was given to winners of local Japanese tournaments, so actually a semi-trophy. It’s also my most expensive Pokémon card bought thus far, but I’m glad to have this center piece in my (fully completed) Full Art Supporter collection, especially as PSA-10.

IGAS-JP000 Ten Thousand Dragon. Right now I’m mainly focusing on my Yu-Gi-Oh rarity collection. This rarity and card is a very special one. This is the only card with this 10,000 Secret Rare rarity, which was released to celebrate the 10,000th Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh card printed. Because of what it represents for Yu-Gi-Oh in general, and being an unique one-of-a-kind rarity, makes it a center piece in my Yu-Gi-Oh rarity collection.

Carl Hoff’s Double Circle Real 5x5x5. Although I’m currently not actively collecting twisty puzzles anymore, this is without a doubt the puzzle that will forever be the center piece. It was first sold in 2014 when I couldn’t afford it with my Saturday mailman job, but I as able to buy it in 2017. This truly is an engineering master-feat and piece of art among twisty puzzles. In short, it’s basically like solving a 5x5x5 Cube, its inner 3x3x3 Cube, and the inner-most 1x1x1 Cube in a single puzzle, all brought up to the surface. (For those curious, here is a video where I explain it in more detail.)



I have a hard time to choose the third card, but this is my clear top 2:

  1. 2016 No. 3 Trainer.

Besides the awesome rarity, I went through hell just to obtain my copy.

  1. Christopher Rush signed Black Star Promo Mewtwo.

This card is more than just a signature, it is a peice of TCG history as a whole.

  1. PSA 10 Burning Shadows Hyper Charizard.

One of my first five cards in my first submission to Ludkins/grading in general, it was pulled from a booster pack by my girlfriend. This card is the catalyst to me becoming seriously involved in this hobby.


In no particular order:

Gold Star Rayquaza: The ultimate chase card for me that I thought I’d never own when I started collecting. As someone who loves shiny hunting in the games and grew up mostly playing Gen 3, this was the card. And even without the nostalgia this is just one amazing looking card imo.

Skyridge Vaporeon holo: My profile picture and the card that got me back into collecting. Not sure why it did. I never stopped loving Pokemon but I stopped collecting the cards years ago. So I would still casually watch card openings from time to time. When I saw this card it just got me thinking how many amazing cards there were I still didn’t know about and thankfully led me down the rabbit hole I’m in now. Took me a while to actually get the card though.

Birthday Pikachu: My favourite black star promo and the first PSA card I ever bought. Just an awesome looking card with a swirl at the top of the middle candle too. I don’t think even swirl haters can deny that’s pretty neat lol.

  1. Dragonite
  2. Dragonite
  3. Dragonite
    Oh, and an honorable mention to Dragonite! :sunglasses:

My top 3 favorite cards (so far anyway)


Auto looks awesome on that gold star!


Thanks man! 5-6 hours in line but totally worth it. It’ll look better when it comes back from PSA.


My collection is just getting going, so not too many big hitters!

  1. Unlimited PSA 10 Zard
  2. Unlimited PSA 10 Pidgeot
  3. First Edition Dragonite PSA 6 that I pulled and wrecked as a kid lol.

Was cool to get back that dragonite after I got it into PSA. Having it displayed brings back some great childhood memories.


Awesome start man!


In terms of value?

  1. Planet Aralia Vegeta Funko Pop
  2. PSA 10 Shining Tyranitar 1st Edition
  3. PSA 10 Tyranitar Neo Discovery 1st Edition / PSA 10 Dark Tyranitar 1st Edition depending on what card sold last.

1.) Mint Base Set Booster Box (sealed)
2.) Near-Mint 1st Edition Jungle Box (sealed)
3.) Near-Mint Collector Charizard

  1. 1st ed base set zard PSA 8
  2. 1st ed psa 9 shining gyarados
  3. psa 10 grand party

Really tough on a lot of these. Probably would change my mind a bunch…

  1. Latias Gold Star PSA 10. Graded by myself, originally bought at a local card shop in 2005. Somehow I managed to keep it in perfect condition all those years…

  2. Shining Mewtwo PSA 9. Graded by myself, originally pulled it from a booster during my childhood. It’s so cool to look at a card you pulled as a kid and this one is my favorite. :blush:

  3. Japanese Base Set Venusaur signed by Arita PSA 9/Auto 10. Best artwork of my favorite starter from the first set signed by the artist. It has it all.

  1. English Birthday Pikachu
  2. German Base Charizard 1st Ed.
  3. Regular English Ancient Mew
  1. 1st Edition Base Set Charizard - PSA 7
  2. Sealed Unlimited Neo Discovery Booster Box
  3. Sealed 1st Edition Base Set Booster - Charizard Art

  1. First Edition PSA7 Charizard
  2. Championships Arena PSA9
  3. Uncut Base Set Theme Deck Sheet

1 - 1st ed Zard (cliche but it was the unachievable goal for me that I managed to pull off)
2 - master wotc sets
3- machamp collection


This is a tuff one for sure, it took me a while. Seeing that the question doesn’t imply we choose only Pokémon items here’s my top 3:

My Golden gun from the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”

1/100 scale Golden Hyper Mode Burning “God” Gundam

Pikachu Records Charizard Promo


#1 1984-85 Star MJ XRC RC BGS 8.5
#2 1986 Fleer MJ RC BGS 8.5
#3 1999 1st ed base Charizard BGS 9++