TMB #1 on Yahoo Japan, and SNAP charmander

It’s at an incredibly high price, more than I would ever pay atleast

Charmander here

The charmander is pretty pricy as well, but I think there is some people actually willing to pay that

Holy crap, those are expensive. It’s nice to see them though. The same guy has all the pichu and arceus design cards as well. Wow! What a collection.

Nice find Pyro! They are high priced a bit but still super rare. They might be purchased, I had a guy send me the link who is a big seller who might grab them, if he can work his magic, and by magic I mean give the guy money :wink: :blush:

that TMB card I rember seeing on ebay a long time ago


(Its at what I would call the fair value price $600-$1,000 would be better. But then again, so would a $1 = 200 Yen exchange rate…)

Yeah i agree, the charmander is high, the snap prize cards just aren’t worth that much. The price dogma quoted is correct.

I would pay that price for the snap articuno or gyarados for sure, I’m just not a big enough charmander fan to spend that kind of money lol. It’s still awesome to actually see a snap card up for sale, must mean they’re all out there somewhere

honistly if I did buy it and my friend found it he would through it out. It look like a regular old card

looks like someone bid on all the pichu degisn contest cards.

These two have just popped up on yahoo japan today


OH wow! I will have the first one for sale(9th lucky stadium) in a few days :blush: If anyone is interested. And I am not looking for 1,000,000 yen :blush:

I am not sure yet I am sending the payment tomorrow, it is all about how much I have to put down, which at the moment is a lot :confused: Not 1,000,000 yen a lot but a good amount.

I will send you a pm with specifics when it arrives.

It is a thmb phone card. For winning a match under 15 minutes at the tropical mega battle you were allowed to pick a prize envelope at random. Here is the zapdos from that tournament,¤t=zapdostmb.jpg

The cards are very difficult to find, the copies are unknown since they were chosen at random, assumed to be under 50, I have not seen anything close to 50, or even 10. But it is a rare card, overpriced by that seller, but definitely an awsome prize card, one of the best.

weird the articuno does not have the same bottom as yours with the “Pocket Monsters Card Game”

mabe he riped it off/used it? but what I relydon’t understand is how he can list a item for soo much and just put “it’s a phone card” in the description.

Yeah that is odd you can tell it is a phone card though, maybe for different years of the tournament they did one with the extended bottom.

Hi guys, I’m new to the site.
I was wondering how does one use the Japanese Yahoo Auctions.

I am trying to use page translators but i do not understand how to use it too much.
Can anyone help me?

Hi snorlax, welcome to the site!

You have a valid question, it’s just that so many people are asking the same thing all over the place that it’s getting tiresome answering the same thing over and over again.

Currently people are talking about Yahoo Japan over here:

I’m going to try it out myself over the weekend, and with some help with the experts look into putting together a proper guide. has already explained this in quite some depth previously so if you want to find out more quickly, look through her posts, you should eventually find what you’re looking for.

thanks for the info!